mation and an application see Dr. Rafe Payne ( in the Biological Science Department

Capernaum, the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Joppa, Jericho, Jerusalem, Masada, the Dead Sea, Beersheba, the place of Israel's wilderness wanderings, Eilat, the Red Sea and more. Directed by biblical studies professor Ron Pierce, this unique travel­ study opportunity provides a thoroughly integrated learning experi­ ence. In the course of study the central topic of"lsrael"is approached from the varying perspectives of biblical studies, historical geog­ raphy, intercultural studies, history (ancient and modern), religion and political science. Students sharpen their skills in interpersonal relationships (small group dynamics) while also getting into shape physically for some challenging hikes. With this in mind, the follow­ ing combined spring-summer curriculum package was designed, which may be counted toward graduation requirements in all degree programs. The program includes seven units of undergraduate credit

Biola London Semester (BLS) Biola, in cooperation with Roehampton University in London, offers the opportunity for a fall or spring semester of study in the United Kingdom. Roehampton is composed of four colleges: Digby Stuart College, Froebel Institute College, Southlands College and White­ lands College. It is located near Wimbledon, six miles southwest of the center of London. Application, payment of tuition and room are made through Biola. The applicant must be a junior or a senior not graduating in December with a 3.0 GPA and must be approved by the department of the student's major, the coordinator of the program and Roehampton University. Students who are accepted live in campus housing and take 3 or 4 courses in the regular university curriculum. An additional course will be taught by an instructor designated by Biola, which fulfills the integration requirement (BBST 465). Roehampton offers courses in a wide variety of academic disciplines, but students should inquire early to see if their academic needs can be met by the program. Be­ cause of the nature of British higher education, students are encour­ aged to take their courses in no more than two departments. The program gives the student the opportunity to experience the British educational system firsthand, while enjoying the unique historical and cultural environment of London and the British Isles. Students rece ive an orientation at Roehampton before starting their term of study; and a Biola-designated faculty member will mentor the students while at Roehampton, providi ng counsel and guidance throughout the semester. Students participating in the program are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of Roehampton University; in addition, they are expected to maintain Biola's code of conduct as they would on the La Mirada campus. At the end of the semester Roehampton will forward the student's transcript to Biola, where it will be interpreted in light of our American grading system. For additional information, contact the Coordinator of the Biola London Program in the Department of English, or visit www.biola. edu/biolalondon.

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Though seeking to keep costs as low as possible, personal safety and quality education are our primary considerations. Because tuition, fees, room, board, air and land expenses are all included in a program package, it costs little more to study abroad than taking the same units while living on campus during the regular summer session. A brochure, preliminary itinerary and application form are available in the Biola-lsrael office in Feinberg Hall. Applications are accepted, along with a deposit, beginning September 15 in the fall semester prior to preregistration for spring classes. The maximum class size is 30 students and acceptance is on a first-come basis. For further infor­ mation, contact Dr. Ron Pierce ( in the Biblical Studies Department Biola Baja (BAJA) Biola Baja is a three-week interterm field trip in January to Baja Cali­ fornia, Mexico, to study the natural history of the Baja peninsula. The program uses the Vermilion Sea Field Station in Bahia de Los Angeles on the Sea of Cortez as a base of operations. Students receive three units of either general education science credit (BIOS 120 Current Topics: Plant and Animal Studies) or upper division biology elective credit (BIOS 333 Natural History of Baja California) by studying the systematics, distribution, behavior and ecology of common plants and animals in a field setting. Emphasis is placed on desert ecol- ogy, bird and whale migrations, and natural resource management. Enrollment is limited to 20 students who must be in good health and physical condition. The trip fee covers the cost of food, camping, boat use, field station rental and transportation. For additional infor-

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies (AS I )

Biola University is a participating member of Au Sable Institute, a Christian envi ronmental stewardship institute, whose mission is to bring healing and wholeness to the biosphere and the whole of creation. Students gain field experience, and develop practical tools for environmental stewardship at a field station in Michigan, on an island in Puget Sound, in Africa or in India. Several courses offered in the summer and interterm may be used for upper division elective units in the biology major. Financial assistance is available from Au Sable. Interested students should obtain information and forms


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