one from the school last attended (teacher or counselor) or from an employer if the applicant has been out of school for at least one year and has been working.

Undergraduate Programs

High School Record An applicant for regular standing must be a graduate of an accred­ ited high school with a scholastic record (including SAT Reasoning or ACT scores) which indicates ability to pu rsue higher education successfully. Biola University welcomes applications from students who have been home schooled. A transcript showing high school work com­ pleted, SAT or ACT scores, two references, and a personal interview are required. GED scores may be requested at the discretion of the Director of Admissions. Students must be 17 years of age by the time of en rollment at the University. Homeschooled students are eligible to qualify for all merit scholarships. The applicant must have a high school diploma. The following is a recommended college prep curriculum: English (four years), mathematics (three years), science (two yea rs, including a laboratory science), foreign language (fours years), social science (two years). Additional high school course electives are recommended as well. Prospective students interested in the nursing program must take chemistry and algebra in high school. Applicants are urged to have at least two years in one foreign language in high school. The applicant with four years of the same language in high school will not have to take any foreign language unless majoring in Bible, which requires Greek. Those with no foreign language in high school or wishing to begin a new language in col­ lege to meet the general education requirement, must take 12 units (3 semesters) of foreign language for most majors. Catalog informa­ tion regarding each major will indicate any exceptions to this rule.

s. The scores of the SAT Reasoning Test of the College Entrance Examination Board or the ACT must be submitted. Informa­ tion rega rding testing dates may be secured from a high school counselor. Applicants are encouraged to take the SAT I or the ACT no later than the January testing date. The SAT I is preferred. 6 . Interview: All applicants are expected to participa te in an interview with an admissions representative prior to a deci­ sion on the ir application. On-campus interviews are preferred, when possible, but phone interviews are substituted when travel distance to Biola prohibits the campus visit. 1 . Application deadline for fall is March 1 and for spring is December 15. Applications may be submitted after deadlines (late fee of $55), and wi ll be considered and processed if space is available and time allows.

APPLICATION DEADLINES Foll File completed by:

Notification: December 1 (Early Action #1) ........................................................... January1s January 15 (Early Action #2) .... ........... ........ ...... ..... ..... .... ..... . February 1S March I (Regular Deadline) ........................................................................ April 1

Files completed after March 1 will be processed on a bi­ monthly basis with notification of admittance beginning after April 1. Applications are considered late after March 1 (late fee of $55) and will be processed if space is available and time allows.


Admission Procedure The following must be filed in seeking admission:

Spring File completed by:


December 15 ..

1 . The personal application form, including an identification picture. The application for admission must be accompanied by a $45 non-refundable appl ication fee. 2, An official high school transcript. The applicant should request the high school to send this di rectly to the Office of Admission . 3, An officia l transcript sent directly to the Office of Admiss ion from each school the applicant has attended since high school. This includes schools attended for even part of a se­ mester. Those applying to the education or nursing programs should have an additional copy of each school's transcript sent directly to the appropriate department.

........... ........ .... ...... .... . Rolling Basis

Official documents presented for admission or evaluation become part of the student's academic file and cannot be returned or copied for distribution.


Homeschooled Students As a homeschooler seeking admission, there are two means by which you ca n apply: STANDARD PROCEDURE Applicants must submit an application along with high school tran scripts, SAT or ACT scores, two references and a personal interview.

Contact Office of Admission for transcript guidelines.


4. Two personal references: one from the applicant's pastor or someone on the pastoral staff who knows the applicant and


General Information


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