classes. Students who do not complete it before they enroll will follow the Biola General Education curriculum.

However, in the case of the R.N., L.V.N. and Bible survey courses, a stu­ dent may be granted credit units based on the successful comple­ tion of the challenge examinations. Specific information regarding these examinations is available from the Nursing and Bible depart­ ments. For further information see the University Registrar. Academic Standards A minimum grade point average of"C" (2.00) is necessary to gradu­ ate. With the exception of Business, Education, Foreign Language and Nursing departments, a grade of"D" is accepted as a passing grade in a single course. However"D" quality of work in general is normally insufficient to allow the student to progress from level to level. Higher GPA minimums are required before admiss ion to reach ­ ing and nursing. Nursing students should see the department for GPA admission requirements. Students receiving less than a "C" grade in any nursing course must repeat the course to progress in nursing. Students who transfer units from other institutions must maintain an average grade of"C" in all work completed at Biol a University as requirement for graduation. All students must have a minimum of a "C" average (2.00) in their major field. ACADEMIC PROBATION Any student whose cumulative grade point average in Biola Univer­ sity falls below "C" (2.00) is placed on academic probation . Probation indicates a period of trial and the student must achieve better than a 2.00 average the subsequent semester or face the possibility of being disqualified. A student is restri cted from participation in extracurricu­ lar university activities and the academic load will be limited during this period of probation to a maximum of 13 units each semester. Students on academic probation must participate in the Learning Ski ll s Program. ACADEMIC DISQUALIFICATION A student may be disqualified at any time if his grades are below a 1.00 GPA in one semester or if he has achieved minimum grades for two successive semesters. A student who is considered for disquali­ fication may make written appeal to the Office of the Registrar to be allowed to continue on strict probation as determined by the Academic Standards Committee. A disqualified student may apply for re-admission only after a full year has elapsed. After one year, he may apply for re-admission only if evidence is given which indicates that chances for scholastic success are good. A student who has been disqualified twice may not be re-admitted.

Advanced Placement Program Biola University, as a member of the College Entrance Examination Board, recognizes the merits of the Advanced Placement Program and will grant credit for Advanced Placement courses taken in high school. Credit will be given when recommended by the high school and when the Advanced Placement examination grade is 3 or better.

A maximum of 32 units can be awarded for all forms of ad­ vanced credit (AP, CLEP IB, etc.) Military credit is unlimited. The maximum for CPL is 30 units.


College Level Examination Program Biola University subscribes to the College Leve l Examination Program (CLEP) of the College Entrance Examination Board. Biola University encourages transfer students from non-accredited schools to vali­ date certain credits on the basis of the examinations provided by this program. High school students with superior records are encouraged to take the general examinations prior to attending Biola University. Credit for CLEP general examinations will be awarded only in those areas where a general education requirement has not been met by previous college coursework and only up to the amount needed to complete the requirement. (For example, a maximum of only eight units in the sciences and mathematics will be released if the student has no credits in these areas.) Elective credit will not be given for the general examinations of CLEP. Credit will be awarded for CLEP subject examinations in areas not covered by CLEP general examinations, provided no college credits have been attempted or earned in the same field . Students should not take English composition through CLEP. English composition through CLEP does not meet the English Composition requirement. Students should take the CLEP test as early as possible in their col­ lege program to receive the maximum value from them. Normally, students are only allowed to take CLEP until 27 semester units of college-level work are completed, including transfer units. Students are allowed to take the Foreign Language test at any time. Biola University reserves the right to determine the score at which credits will be released and the amount of credit awarded. The Office of the Registrar has final authority fo r the release of CLEP credits into Biola University. Challenging a Course A student may be able to challenge a course or requirement if the department has a challenge exam available. Check with the specific department to see if a comprehensive cha llenge exam is available. If a student's performance on a comprehensive examination demon­ strates a good grasp of the course content, an exemption -from tak­ ing the course may be given but no units or credits will be allowed.

For full statement on satisfactory academic progress, please see the Academic & Behavioral Standards section of the catalog.

General Education Program The general education program at Biola is designed to support the university's distinctively Christian mission by giving specific attention to four themes: (1) developing intellectual skills, (2) educating whole persons, (3) understanding our Christian heritage, and (4) becoming thinking Christians. All four themes presuppose the hallmarks of any genuine university education which are honest inquiry after truth


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