6 units

Science 101 with 102 have bot h been designed for the student with a limited background in science.The courses in Science/ Mathema t­ ics approved for General Educat ion credit are:

United States Hi story

HIST 107

Survey of Amer ican Government



World Civ il izations I Wor ld Civilizations II


Anthropology (ANTH) Biology (BIOS): ... Chemistry (CHEM)


....... ... .............. 220


. ................................. 100, 110,111,120,130,290

An alternate route for meeting the requirement for History 207 or 208, History 107 or Political Science 225 is to take the appropriate History department proficiency examina­ tion. The examinations are given twice a year in Sep­ tember and February. For those students, who pass the examination, upper division History courses will be substi­ tuted in lieu of History 207 or 208, History 107 and Political Science 225. Appropriate upper division coursework is determined in consultation with the History department.

. .. .. ...... 100, 105,112 Mathematics (MATH) .............. .... .......... 101, 102,103,105,120 or 130,190,210 Physical Science (PHSC):. .. .... ... ... .. 101,102,103, 101,110,111,132,250


BIOS 252 Human Anatomy and BIOS 281 Physio logy are for nursing, human biology and physical education majors only CHEM 112 is fo r nursing majors. For those students who need to complete one or two units remaining in their math/ science requi rement, Computer Science (CSCI) 104 or Physical Science (PHSC) 105 is acceptable. Exception, those in the Bachelor of Music program.



3 units

Select 1 Course from:

General Education Course Substitutions While the general education requirement will normally be met from the cou rses specified in the catalog, in exceptional cases where students have the appropriate prerequisites and where the depart­ ment in which the course is taught determines that the intentions of the general education requirement would be satisfied, students may request permission to substitute an upper division class for the lower division course specified in the catalog. Students are to secure writ­ ten approval for such a substitution prior to taking the class. Electives Normally a student has considerable freedom in the choice of electives in addition to the biblical studies and theology, general education and major requirements. However, in addition to the note given at the end of the biblica l studies and theology requirements, the non-music major is limited to a maximum of eight units of credit in applied music (including ensembles) and the non-physical educa­ tion major is limited to eight units of credit in physical education or skill courses.

Film & Literature


Literature in Context Amer ican Literature I Amer ican Literature II

ENGL 230

ENGL 281


Philoso h

3 units

Select 1 Course from:

Introduction to Logic

PHIL 210

Introduct ion to Ancient Philosophy Introduction to Medieval Phil osophy Introd ucti on to Modern Ph il osophy

PHIL 211

PHIL 212

PHIL 213

Introduction to Ph ilosophy


Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 215

Introduction to Philosophy & Aesthetics


Ph sical Education 4 activities Each student is required to complete four activities of physical education to be eligible for graduation. Selection from the follow- ing skill classes (110, 130, 140, 150) Students may select one unitof recreation skill and one dance class to meet the general education requirement. Note: First Aid and CPR do not count as P.E. activity credit. A student may enroll for one activity and repeat once at a higher level if offered (intermediate or advanced) for general education pur­ poses. Example: A student who has taken beginning volleyball once may take it at the intermediate/ advanced level once. In addition, two different activities are required to fulfill the four activity general activity requirement. Students 21 at the time of entrance to Biola are exempt from the physical education requirement. Science I Mathematics 8 units Eight units are required in science and/or mathematical sciences. Computer Science courses may not be used to fulfill the Science/ Mathematics requirement. A minimum of three units in math and three units in science is required. Biology 100 with 110 and Physical


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