Normally, transfer students bring transfer credits with them. These transferred credits may satisfy some standard Biola general education requirements, as determined by official consultation with the regis­ trar. While transfer credits may satisfy Biola's standard general educa­ tion requirements, they will under no circumstances be accepted as satisfying any Torrey Honors Institute course requirements. Students who leave the Torrey program, and who wish to transfer their credits in Torrey to Biola's general education program, may do so only under special arrangements. Program Plan The Torrey Honors Institute is the most rigorous general education course of studies at this university. Its courses fulfill the liberal arts requirements for a four-year degree at Biola in the following areas: Communication, English, Literature, Fine Arts, History, Philosophy and Behavioral Science. Torrey courses also fulfill the biblical and theological studies requirements (30 credits) for a four-year degree at Biola. Students need 60 non-repeating credits in Torrey to satisfy these general education requirements. To gain a four-year degree, students must meet all other academic, social, and spiritual require­ ments of Biola University. Torrey Off-campus Torrey offers opportunities to live and study away from the Biola campus for credit. Torrey Berkeley is a three-week course in a loca­ tion such as Berkeley, California. Students read books, attend lectures, participate in discussion groups. visit cultural points of interest, and are involved in practical ministry. Torrey Europe is a three-week trip and course in selected parts of Europe. It provides students with four credits. Students read books prior to the trip and are led by Torrey tutors in integrating that reading, and their other Torrey readings, with the cultural and religious heritage of Europe. Torrey Abroad is a three-week course in places such as Mongolia in which students teach in public schools and work with local Christian organizations. The credits from these programs may be applied to Torrey junior and/or senior year requirements, or with approval may be substi­ tuted for the Torrey Honors Thesis. TORREY BERKELEY Torrey Berkeley consists of a three week session, usually offered in the summer, worth four credits. Students read books, attend lectu res, participate in discussion groups, may visit cultural points of interest, and may be involved in practical ministry. While res.iding at a campus ministry facility beside the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, studen ts have the opportunity for spiritual bonding and intellectual growth in a more intensive and intimate environment than is possible during the school year. They are supervised and led by a tutor in the Torrey Honors Institute and are able to interact with other stimulating leaders.

Torrey Honors Institute

Facult Director: ...........................................................John Mark Reynolds, Ph.D. Associate Professors:... ..........................................Reynolds Assistant Professors: ................... Sanders, Spears, Thoennes, Yim Instructors: ... ............................... Henderson, Schubert Objectives The Torrey Honors Institute is a general education program in the liberal arts for undergraduates at Biola University. It is dedicated to forming leaders through the study of the master works ofWestern civilization, with a special emphasis on the Bible and Christian au­ thors. Students in the program, who come from a variety of majors, are outstanding examples of academic ability, Christian character, and potential for leadership. They learn in a rigorous discussion group format to think and express themselves clearly in both verbal and written forms. Admission Requirements The Torrey Honors Institute is highly selective. The average applicant to Torrey is among the top ten percent of students planning to at­ tend Biola University in terms of academic, social, and spiritual lead­ ership. High school students wishing to apply to Torrey should take four years of each of the core disciplines. Torrey applicants should have completed successfully some honors or Advanced Placement work, if such is available at their high schools. English Requirements Students wishing to enroll in any courses in the Torrey Honors Insti­ tute must have outstanding skills in both written and spoken English. The prospective student will demonstrate the former in a paper submitted with the Torrey application and the latter by a personal interview. Advanced Placement Credit Although most Torrey students will have earned Advanced Place­ ment credit in high school, they will not be exempted from any Torrey required classes. Advanced Placement courses are helpful in preparing the student for Torrey, but not equivalent to Torrey classes in style, content or rigor. Torrey Certificate A student who completes the full Torrey program (64 credits includ­ ing thesis) will be awarded the Torrey Honors Institute Certificate. A student need not graduate from Biola University to receive the Cer­ tificate, and a student can graduate without earning the Certificate. Certificates are presented at a special ceremony Transfer Students The Torrey Honors Institute normally does not accept transfer stu ­ dents. In exceptional cases, owing to outstanding academic merit, applications for admission from transfer students may be considered.

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