Torrey Honors Thesis ......................... ......... .. .. .. .. .................... 4 The last term of the senior year wil l be devoted to writing a tutor-supervised thesis of not less than 12,000 words. These required four credits are counted toward the total number needed for graduation from Torrey and Biol a University. The thesis may be waived for students that do senior theses, projects, recitals, etc., for their majors, with prior approval. Students may substitute an internship in their major field or aTorrey off-site program for the thesis with prior approval. The internship must be approved by the Torrey Director and student's major advisor. All theses and internships should make a significant contribution to the student's major field of study.


Pre-Professional Programs Many opportunities exist for Biola students who are actively seeking professional education and training. Several agreements currently exist (Chiropractic and Engineering) that allow Biola students to participate in degree completion programs leading to specialized Bachelors degrees or both Bachelor's degree and a first professional doctorate. Additional opportunities are available that prepare the Biola graduate to enter the professional education / training phase with confidence. A significant number of Biola graduates are current­ ly serving in professional capacities. They routinely cite their excellent undergraduate education programs as predictors of success in their professional endeavors. Students who are interested in pursuing professional degrees after attending Biola should plan carefully and consult with potential professional schools concerning their requirements. In some cases, assistance from a major adviser should be supplemented by other advising resources available at Biola. The Office of Career Services assists students in various ways. If a student is unsure about pre­ professional advising, help should be sought from the Office of the Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Education, located in Metzger Hall. The following provides some basic information about pre-profes­ sional education at Biola . Pre-Medicine Students who wish to pursue a career in medicine should plan to build a strong foundation in the sciences and mathematics. Courses in biology, chemistry and physics form the core of this preparation. While most students at Biola who are preparing to enter medical school major in biological science or biochemistry with a pre-med emphasis, other majors are possible if the student completes all of the core science courses required by the medical school. Medical schools also expect a broad background in the liberal arts such as is provided by Biola's program in general education. In addi­ tion, Biola's biblical and theological studies requirement and its inte­ gration of a biblical perspective in all courses, equips the prospective Christian health professional in mind and character to impact the world for Jesus Christ A Pre-Medical Advisory Committee helps to prepare students for the rigorous process involved in applying to medical school. In par­ ticular, students are assisted in their preparation for medical school interviews. Info rmation about the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee and Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is available from the sec­ retary in the Science Building. For further information, please consult with either the Department of Biological Science or the Department of Physical Science. Pre-Dentistry Preparation for entrance into dental school is similar to preparation for medical school. Students should contact the dental schools of

Students may sa t isfy the 300/400 required courses by using the following course options with permission of faculty men­ tor and program director.

Selected Readings & Topics ............................................. 1-4 Designed primarily for upper-division students in Torrey who want to study specialized topics not covered in catalog course offerings. May be taken up to three times with different read­ ings. Admission is by approval of the Director Independent Study ........ .......... .................. ................... ..... 1-4 Independent read ings on a topic chosen by the student. Of­ fered both semesters. Admission is by approval of the Director. May not be repeated. Torrey Off-Campus ...... .......... ........................... .. ................ 1-4 Independent readings on a topic chosen by the professor. Of­ fered usually in the summer May be taken up to th ree times with different readings. May substitute for the Torrey Honors Thesis with approval. Admission is by approval of the Director

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