Student Missionary Union The Student Missionary Union (SMU) is a student led organization, founded in 1922, that has at the heart of its mission to glorify God and to see Him glorified. All of history is moving to a time when God will restore all of creation to what He had intended from the begin­ ning. God began His work of restoration through Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. God has made us agents of that restoration by making us His ambassadors. SMU seeks to motivate students to a lifetime of service to the Master through its Short Term Missions Department, Prayer Ministries, Mis­ sions Conference and Long Term Missions Department. SMU facilitates the sending of more than twenty short-term mission teams to locations all over the globe, including such places as China, Mozambique, Mexico, Holland and Romania. They sponsor a Perse­ cuted Church Simulation, weekly prayer meetings and other events through their Prayer Ministries. The entire student body attends Missions Conference, which includes exciting events such as Global Awareness, where students experience another culture, and Explora­ tions, where they can visit such places as a mosque or a Mormon temple.The Long Term Missions Department seeks to answer many practical questions from students interested in long-term crosscul­ tural work. SMU offers a multitude of opportunities for involvement with 24 staff positions and more than 100 volunteers each year. They are located in the upper level of the Student Union Building and are open Mon­ day through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. They can also be reached at (562) 903-4881. Athletics Intercollegiate athletics at Biola University provide men and women with interest and ability in athletics an opportunity to compete with other institutions of higher education whose size and athletic policies are similar. Intercollegiate competition for men is conducted in the following sports: baseball, basketball, cross-country, soccer, swimming and track & field. Sports for women include basketball, cross-country, softball, swimming, tennis, track & field, soccer and volleyball. Intramural activities are organized in both team and individual sports for men and women. This program is directed by the Associated Students. Student Publications The undergraduate student body sponsors two student publications: a weekly newspaper - the Chimes - and a yearbook - the Biolan - which also contains a fine arts section.These serve to transmit news, keep a record of school life and provide further outlet for student creativity and expression.

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Spiritual Formation The University believes the spiritual life of the individual student is of utmost importance. Therefore, every student is urged to set aside time for prayer and studying God's Word. Students can also choose to be part of small discipleship groups - men or women. In addition to these personal devotional periods, undergraduate students meet each Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Chase Gymnasium for a 40- minute chapel service of worship and praise and an alternate chapel on Thursday. The graduate schools plan separate chapel programs. The chapel programs include speakers chosen from faculty, alumni, students, visiting guests; musical groups; Christian films; drama; and other special events. Each fall there is a Spiritual Emphasis Week. Once each semester the school observes a planned Day of Prayer, and informal prayer groups meet as a regular part of residence hall life. The Torrey Memorial Bible Conference and the Missions Confer­ ence are high points in the development of the spiritual life of the student. Attendance is required at all of these events. Student Government For Undergraduates All registered undergraduate students are members of t he Associ­ ated Students (AS.), Biola's undergraduate student government. The stated purpose of this organization is: "To develop a community that is seeking God, that is committed to one another and that is impact­ ing the world for Jesus Christ:' The AS. President presides over two bodies that comprise the student government, the Executive Council and the Services Council. The Executive Council, which holds the legislative power of AS., is chaired by the President and consists of elected senators, the Vice President, Controller and Secretary. The Services Council, which plans activities, provides services, and ministers to students on and off campus, is chaired by the Vice President and consists of the fol­ lowing members: Social Board Chair, Multi-cultural Relations Board Co-chairs, Chapel Board Chair and Chair Elect, Intramural Board Chair, Marketing Director, Club Director, International Student Association President, Chimes Editor (the student newspaper) and Biolan Editor (the undergraduate yearbook). AS. offers many avenues for involvement with 20 elected positions, over 40 appointed and hired positions, and many volunteer oppor­ tunities each year. They are located in the upper level of the Student Union Building and are open Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. They can also be reached at (562)903 -4882 Student Government for Graduate Students Each graduate school has an appropriate student government program which provides leadership and activities appropriate for graduate students. For addit ional information contact the respective graduate school offices.


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