o. Meet approval of the faculty of the School of Business. The process wi ll require an interview.

Business Administration Facult

Dean: .. ...... .......... ................... ... ... .... .. ........................ Larry D. Strand, M.BA Professors: .............................. .... ... .. ... .. .... ...... ........ ... . Mestre, V. Smith Associate Professors: ... Bourgeois, Buckles, Canning, Harman, ......... .... .Rundle, Y. Smith, Strand, Woodward Objectives Biola University, through its School of Business, is nationally accred­ ited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs to offer a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with emphases in the following: accounting, information systems, interna­ tional business, management and marketing. Each program is structured to give the student broad understanding of the social and economic environment in which Christian business persons function, and provides a common body of knowledge for students who elect this major Students study economics, finance, management, business law, accounting, and marketing as the core of the major based upon quantitative management skills. The five individual emphases prepare students through additional specified courses to enter a career field in those areas, or to select a graduate school upon graduation. It is the purpose of the School of Business to prepare highly skilled, technically competent business persons who have broad prepara­ tion in the liberal arts as well, and who can make significant contribu­ tions in the workplace or in Christian organizations they may serve. Admission Requirements Admission into Biola University does not guarantee admission as a business administration major in the School of Business, nor permis­ sion to enroll in upper division business administration courses. (Intermediate Accounting excepted.) The following requirements must be observed: A. Complete, with a minimum of a "C" (2.0) grade in each course, Business Statistics 190, Accounting 211 and 212, Economics 201 and 202, English 110 A and B, and Calculus for Manage­ ment Sciences 223 (24 semester hours), or the equivalent, with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5. A minimum requirement of 30 hours of General Education (including Bible) must be completed with an overall GPA of 2.5. e. Accomplish an overall cumulative GPA of 2.5 in all college level course work completed at the time of formal application to the School of Business. c. File an application with the School of Business for admis­ sion, which shall include an essay, and affirm that the above requirements have been achieved either at Biola University or another accredited institution. The application should be filed at the completion of the fourth semester with a fee of $20.

E. Prior to formal admission, students shall continue to be advised as pre-business majors.

Degree Program A Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration is offered upon the completion of baccalaureate requirements and the busi­ ness major in one of the following emphases: accounting, informa­ tion systems, international business, marketing, and management. Thirty of the required units must be upper division. Other require­ ments include courses: 190,201,202,211,212,220, 223,230,235, 327,328,361,370,470. The general education requirement for a foreign language for those following a business administration major may be met by two years of high school language or the first four units of a college language. Business administration majors may use Business 190 and 223 for a math credit toward the science/ mathematics requirements for the general education requirements, but the units cannot be counted in both general education and in the major. Philosophy 215, Commu­ nication 181 and Psychology 200 are recommended for all business majors. Majors Requirements for the emphases are as follows. Upper division classes require department signature. ACCOUNTING (60 UNITS) Must complete 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 411, 412 and th ree units of upper division business electives. INFORMATION SYSTEMS (60 UNITS) Must comp lete: 105, 305, 306, 402, 403, 405, CSCI 430 and three units of upper division business electives.. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (60 UNITS) Must complete: 314,347,375,429, three units BUSN upper division electives, ANTH 403, INCS 322 or 420, three units upper division chosen from INCS 313, 338,400,425 or 456.

All students in the International Business emphasis are encouraged to take ANTH 200 fo r GE Behavioral Science, and BBST 458 Theology of Mission as a Bible elect ive.


MANAGEMENT (60 UNITS) Must complete: 318, 344, 421, 453, 464 and 9 units of upper division business electives. MARKETING (60 UNITS) Must complete 332, 337, 344, 432, 433, 435, three units of upper division business electives and one of the following 453 or 460 (with department approva l).


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