student may choose that reflect a broad variety of ministry options in this field. The diversified specialization allows the student to design a program that best suits his/ her vocational interests. The general education requirement for a foreign language for those majoring in Christian education depends upon the number of years that were completed in high school of the same foreign language. Specific requirements are listed under"general education require­ ments" for the bachelor of arts degree. All specialization courses are subject to departmental approval. Students may choose a general B.A. in Christian Education Ministries or declare an area of specialization. If a general degree is sought, the student may choose elective courses from across the University to satisfy the total number of units needed for graduation, with the approval of the student's academic advisor. If the student chooses to identify a specialization, evidence of that focus should come through a list of 10 units of specialization coursework approved in consulta­ tion with the student's advisor.

Christian Education ADivision ofTalbot School of Theology

Fac~ ---- Dean :...

. ...... .Dennis H. Dirks, Ph.D. Dean of the Faculty: ....................................... Michael J Wilkins, Ph.D. Chair: ... . .. .. Richard J. Leyda, Ph.D. Professors: .. . ................................... Anthony, Dirks, Issler, Lawson Associate Professors: .................... Carr, Cunningham, Kim, Leyda Mission The Christian Education Ministries major is designed to develop and equip its graduates for entry-level professional ministries in church and parachurch agencies and to provide foundation for seminary or other graduate education. Objectives By the completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education Ministries, students will:


, . demonstrate an understanding of biblical and theological principles derived from personal Bible study that will impact their life development and personal spiritual formation;

The Christian Education Ministries/ teaching emphasis majors must complete a core of 64 units, of which 24 must be upper division and include 150,251,260,261,371,372,380,382; Education 301,330, 341, 420, 430, 440, and 442. Bible 320 must be taken as the Bible elective. Education 440 may be taken before graduation in lieu of CE 461 and 462. Certain specific general education courses are also required which include: Psychology 200 and Physical Education 201. This option combines the C.E. major core with liberal studies courses. This specialization requires ARTS 306, LEDU 380, LEDU 335, MATH 117, 118, and MUSC 310 for credent ial requirements. Students must pass the general knowledge section of the National Teach- ers Examination (NTE) prior to student teaching. The student must consult with the Departments of Christian Education and Education for specifics. Those interested in this teaching credential should be advised that all single subject teaching credential programs are undergoing revi­ sion. Consult with the Education department for details on current programs. Children Vocational opportunities with this option include children's director or minister in a local church, a staff member with organizations that minister to children in the United States or on a mission field, a writer of materials for use with children. Youth Vocational opportunities for youth speciatization would include a local church youth director or minister, a club director for youth

2 . develop knowledge, values and skills that serve as a basis for balanced adult life and professional ministry service;

3. apply principles, concepts and methods that facilitate organi­ zational leadership of disciple-making ministries in a variety of interpersonal settings; 4 . formulate a rationale for ministry based on theological, historical, philosophical and social science perspectives that inform programmatic ministry development; s. achieve a working knowledge of teaching-learning process and make appropriate application in a variety of interpersonal settings with sensitivity to individual needs and developmen­ tal understandings. Degree Program A Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Education Ministries is of­ fered upon completion of the university baccalaureate and major requirements. The Christian Education Ministries major requires the completion of a core of 37 units, 24 of which must be upper division and include: 150, 251, 252, 260, 261, 371, 380,382,415,426, 461, 462 and one of the following: 372,373,374. Bible 320 must be taken as the Bible elective. In addition to the 37-unit core, each student is encouraged to select a specialization of 1Ounits to be taken either within or outside of the Christian Education and Biblical Studies Departments to fulfill his/ her elective requirements. There are six specializations from which a

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