Yankee Home Improvement - March-April 2019

MAR/APR 2019


NEVER CATTYWAMPUS Behind the Scenes of Our Latest Television Advertisements!

T his winter, Yankee Home Improvement brought Hollywood to Western Massachusetts. We spent a whole day creating our own television set, rehearsing, acting for the camera, and performing stunts. We even hired a professional actress to join us: Delilah, the resident acting sheep at Windy Hill Stables. If you haven’t seen us on TV yet, I’m excited to announce that Yankee Home Improvement has two new television advertisements in our western Massachusetts viewing area. We’re motivated to be more than a standard home remodeling company, and we wanted to introduce our values to

construction experts, Derek, joined us for a day of filming their “work” on a home. I would pop into the frame, letting them

know that my initial reviews of their work show that the repairs are “a little cattywampus.” At the end, Joe asks me if the final product is cattywampus, and I simply respond by saying “Straight as an arrow.”

customers who may not even know that a construction company who places the customer’s concerns above their own exists. In fact, one advertisement even highlights this. It starts with an opening shot of myself standing atop a ladder near the roof of a home, explaining the story of how Yankee Home Improvement came to be. For those who are unfamiliar with the story, I was scammed out of thousands of dollars by a construction company who promised me swift and competent repairs on my roof. That motivated me to begin a contracting business that had the customers’ needs in mind. As

Despite acting not being our niche, the guys and I had a blast on set. We

discovered just how complicated acting can be! We only had simple lines, but under the pressure of the big lights and cameras, it was difficult to remember exactly what we were supposed to say. Thankfully, we had a very patient director. When you see these local commercials on TV, know that we spent a whole day shooting both commercials, and then an amazing editing team got to work touching up outtakes and making us look great. Additionally, the team of filmmakers we had helped us look phenomenal. Besides possibly being upstaged by a sweet, talented sheep, I was thrilled to see the final product. With the team we had working on these campaigns, I knew the finished product would be great. And how could it not be, given our commitment to getting everything just right? After all, as our newest tagline says, “... every job we do is right-side-up and on the level. Never cattywampus.”

I’m explaining my story in the commercial, I make my way down the ladder and meet up with Delilah the sheep. I end the commercial by saying, “I got fleeced, so you don’t have to” as Delilah works her camera magic.

That’s not just something we say; it’s what we do.

–Ger Ronan

In the next commercial, we had some of my team members join me. My project manager, Joe; sales representative, Nate; and another one of our

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