Trailridge Family Dental - Feb/Mar 2018

Feb/Mar 2018

Happy Trails

Allan W. Stevenson, DDS General Dentist 205 W. Highway 95, Parma, ID 83660


I think even the most winter-loving people look forward to spring. It’s a time of new beginnings, blue skies, and crisp breezes. Though we haven’t had the roughest winter — certainly nothing compared to last year — I still think the arrival of longer days and warmer temperatures is something to celebrate. This spring is especially exciting here at Trailridge Family Dental, as we’ve made a number of changes to our office. In all aspects of our lives, technology is increasing at an evermore rapid rate. I don’t have any clue if we’re on the iPhone 8, 10, or 1,000. Dental technology follows this pattern, as well. Two of the areas where we’ve seen huge improvements are in imaging and implant technology, and they go hand in hand. Dental implants, whether for one tooth or many, have a much higher patient- satisfaction rate than other types of dental replacement. We’ve seen the number of patients opting for implants soar over the past few years, and we’re proud to offer this option whenever possible. Previously, the difficulty had been that we didn’t know if an implant would be possible until we got under the hood, so to speak. Placing implants is a delicate procedure, and traditional X-rays don’t always provide you with the information you need. To remedy this, we had been sending patients to Boise to receive a dental cone beam CT (CBCT) scan. This type of image is much more sophisticated, giving us a better idea of what’s happening behind a patient’s gums. Eventually, we decided we needed a CBCT machine of our own. It arrived about six months ago, and using it has gone even better than I anticipated. Not only does it provide a much clearer picture than an X-ray, it also allows us to educate patients on the underlying structures of their mouths. In essence, it demystifies an Spring Marches On And So Does Dental Technology!

aspect of dentistry. Our patients feel more comfortable because they are able to clearly envision what a procedure entails. It also increases our team’s confidence in suggesting the best procedure for a patient. Another change we’ve made recently has less to do with technology than it does with our processes. In the past, we used a system where every hygienist had an assistant working alongside them. After much discussion, we realized this way of doing things wasn’t the best for our patients. In short, that method involved too many cooks in the kitchen. We decided it would be better to have our hygienists build a one- on-one relationship with their patients. Something that has always made Trailridge Family Dental special is that we view our patients as neighbors and friends. We think that by visiting your hygienist regularly, the bond will grow even stronger. To give you the chance to learn a little more about our incredible hygiene team, we’ve included some profiles of them inside this newsletter. Whether we’re adding a new piece of equipment or improving the way we do things, I never want to stop thinking of ways we can better serve our patients. After all, they are the reason we opened the practice in the first place and the reason our lights stay on. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ve seen all the snow we’ll get this year. I hope you enjoy a spring full of new adventures and experiences. That’s definitely what we’re looking forward to over here. –Dr. Stevenson



Meet Our Hygiene All-Stars

JULIA — HYGIENE TEAM LEADER Favorite Part of Your Job: Serving my team and our patients. Things That Make Trailridge Special: Our fabulous customer service and high standard for patient care. Hobbies Outside of Work: Being a mother of two — I have a 3-year-old and a newborn. I also love sewing and crafting. Favorite TV Show: I’m a sucker for the Hallmark Channel and am currently watching “When Calls the Heart.”

KATHRYN — HYGIENIST Favorite Part of Your Job: Working alongside an amazing group of people. Thing That Makes Trailridge Special: Everyone is willing to help out in any way they can, regardless of their job description. Hobbies Outside of Work: Depending on the season, you can find me skiing, hiking, or floating the river. Favorite TV Show: “Vikings.”

LORI — HYGIENIST Favorite Part of Your Job: Forming relationships with patients and seeing them smile! Things That Make Trailridge Special: Advanced technology coupled with a caring and friendly staff. Hobbies Outside of Work: Taking walks with my girls, scrapbooking, and doing puzzles in the winter. Favorite Movie and TV Show: I love “Heaven Can Wait,” and I never miss an episode of “Modern Family.”

TYFINI — HYGIENIST Favorite Part of Your Job: Educating patients about their oral health. Thing That Makes Trailridge Special: How warm and welcoming everyone is. Hobbies Outside of Work: Crafting, crafting, and more crafting. Favorite TV Show: “This Is Us.”

HEIDI — HYGIENIST Favorite Part of Your Job: Educating and interacting with our patients. Thing That Makes Trailridge Special: A family-like environment where everyone has a positive attitude. Hobbies Outside of Work: I love crafting, and I dabble in digital design.

JEANETTE — HYGIENIST Favorite Part of Your Job: Forming relationships with patients and giving them the care they deserve. Things That Make Trailridge Special: We care for one another like family, and we value our patients from the moment they walk through the door. Hobbies Outside of Work: Coaching my sons in sports, riding bikes, playing basketball, and spending plenty of time with my family.

SHANELL — HYGIENIST Favorite Part of Your Job: The people! I love my teammates and our patients. Thing That Makes Trailridge Special: The personal care that we provide to each individual patient. Hobbies Outside of Work: Playing games with my family. We’ve had some great times together. Favorite Board Game: The Farming Game. I played it as a child and have had so much fun introducing it to my kids.



Our ‘Give Kids A Smile’ Day was on Friday, February 9. We had 21 volunteers and were able to serve 44 patients and provide over $25,000 worth of free dentistry!



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