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September 2018

The First House I Ever Fell in Love With Renovating My Home With My Own Hands The first house that I ever loved was the first house I ever purchased on my own in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was what they called a “Cracker Box” house — a prefabricated house that was built in the late 1940s or early 1950s by Sears and Roebuck. It was only 900 square feet and had two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a Florida room that had been added on the back. When I bought it, I assumed a VA loan, which was back when you could assume a loan.

what I didn’t know to finish the projects. I’m grateful for my father teaching me such practical things. While I can do the construction by myself, I leave the plumbing and electrical tasks to the professionals. My daughter and I were very happy living in that little house, and it was a fun place to live. Although the house was small, it did have a large fenced-in backyard, where I could host a few parties. It was tiny and cozy, and my daughter and I didn’t feel like we needed anything more than that.

The house needed renovations, which I did myself, and the first thing that I needed

Currently, I’m living in a small cabin with my husband that we like to say we’ve uplifted from its original shell. We moved here from a rather large house into our cozy abode. Of course I have a barn for my horses and my husband has his work shed, which makes living in a cabin all the sweeter. All the stuff that my husband and I accumulated in our previous larger homes is now sitting in storage, and I don’t miss any of it.

to replace was the toilet. My daughter and I lived in the house and we needed a functioning bathroom. I managed to get that replaced by myself, which was hard, but I got it done. Next was the kitchen, which was about 10 feet by 10 feet. I completely gutted it — all the cabinets had to go, counters, fridge, everything! I put in all new surfaces and appliances, including fashionable tile countertops, and by the time I was done with it, the kitchen looked brand new.

When I moved from that small house in Florida, I was sad to see it go, but I was also looking forward to taking the next step in my life. I’m often reminded of that small house as there are houses very similar to that one on North Street, not far from where my firm is located. There’s a bunch of little houses in the Hundred Pines neighborhood with the same size and appeal as the one I had, and it’s neat to pass by them every now and then. Loving your home always makes the experience of living there more joyous. It doesn’t have to be your first home, or even your last, but you will treasure the first house you ever loved. You may find you love it all the more even after you have said your goodbyes. -Alysoun Eversole www.eversolelaw.com 1

I did get some help from my brother here and there. He helped me cut out a section of the wall in the kitchen that led into the Florida room, so that I could have a microwave oven. The kitchen was too small otherwise! The reason I only required a little help renovating the house was that I already knew how to do everything that needed to be done. My father was a Marine Corps Aviator but liked to build things, like furniture, on the weekends. For some reason, I was always there watching him work on his projects. When it came time for me to do it by myself, I always had an “I can do this myself,” attitude. I remembered what I learned over the years and did my homework on


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