Bruce Law Firm - March 2020


During the holidays, it’s almost a given that we’ll spend time with family. Like many, we always make an effort to get together with extended family, even if we’re miles apart. Between big holidays, though, it can be easy to lose touch.

We try to stay in touch with our family members who aren’t nearby via phone calls and social media, but it’s not quite the same as spending time in person.

Ashley’s uncle and aunt from Utah visited us in January, and it was so great to connect with them and show them around West Palm Beach. It got us thinking. What if we took a trip centered on spending time together, even if no big holiday was involved? With that intention, this month, we’re heading West for family and snow. When we saw spring break on our kids’ school calendar and thought about how we could spend it, our first thought was, “Let’s go to Utah!”We’ve visited before (check out the photos to left!), but we’ve been wanting to reconnect with our family out in Utah, where part of our lives, and the kids’ upcoming spring break was the perfect opportunity for it. Plus, it’ll be their first time skiing! Ashley’s family lives about an hour from Salt Lake City near Snowbasin Resort, a beautiful spot that’s a bit lesser known than resorts like Park City but equally as beautiful as that resort claims fame to the 2002 Winter Olympics. We’re looking forward to this trip because it feels like the best of both worlds: We get to be near the mountains and go skiing while reconnecting with family. This part of Ashley’s family used to live in Florida but moved to Utah 20 years ago for work, and they’ve lived there since. Ashley’s cousin recently had another baby, and we also want Russell and Ruby to get to meet their new cousin. A trip to visit — and hit the slopes — is the perfect way to spend time with our family. The only thing we have to do now before the trip is get in shape for it! Anticipating a day (or more likely a half-day) on skis has held our feet to the fire as far as New Year’s resolutions, that’s for sure. We could have chosen to go skiing anywhere, but we chose to be close to family. As our family members get older, it becomes more and more important to make the effort to spend time with them. We want Russell and Ruby to know their aunts, uncles, and cousins, so we’re making an effort throughout the year to connect with our loved ones whenever we can, not just on holidays. With the mountains in the background and our family beside us, we have all we need. – Ashley and Chris Bruce

Chris and Russell building a snowman

Ashley, Chris, and Russell in downtown Salt Lake City

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