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Chairman ’ s Column Craig VanBuren, NCWM Chairman — State of Michigan

2019 Issue 3

Chairman’s Column. ...................1

our weights and measures community. It’s amazing how many recognize the unique bond we all share. Frankly, the love I have for the people in weights and measures is what has kept me here through the rough patches of my career. As we develop the strategic plan to meet our overarching goal of 5,000 members by 2025 (5 by 25), one thing is for certain, we need to ensure the type of support I received continues to be there, not only for new members joining, but also not forgetting those here today. This leads us into my theme for the year, “Building our Future by Sharing Our Knowledge.” Our best tool for growing and retaining members is sharing the knowledge we have with others. My first goal as chairman is to create a mentoring program for NCWM. We have a vast amount of knowledge among us and, from my experience, I know there are many willing to share. You could even consider this one part of a succession plan, not only for the Conference but for weights and measures as a whole. To many like myself, that initial contact and interaction is always the most difficult. If we can facilitate that introduction and get people comfortable with one another more quickly, it will be easier to go to a person with questions. On the mentor’s side, this would help give a better idea of where the other needs to grow and can help steer them to a path of success. Please let me know if you would be willing to be a mentor.

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2020 NCWM Interim Meeting......4

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Dear NCWM Members,

We have had another successful Conference and I would like to thank those in attendance for their participation. Thank you to the State of Wisconsin and the City of Milwaulkee for hosting; it is a great city and I’m glad I had the opportunity to see it! Thank you to NCWM staff, the volunteers on the various committees and workgroups, and the NIST staff. Most of all, thank you for entrusting me with leading the Conference over the next year. In my address, you were able to hear a little of my weights and measures background and how I got to where I am now. My journey has been bolstered by those around me willing to provide guidance, answer questions, and introduce me to those with vast weights and measures knowledge. I really could not have gotten to where I am without their mentorship and I thank them for that. A reoccurring theme we heard at the Conference, from Constantine’s invocation mentioning “commitment”, Deputy Secretary Romanski’s talk of sharing knowledge, to Dr. Copan’s actual recognition of this group as a family, is the support we have within

Looking Forward.......................13

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104 th NCWM Annual Meeting: Voting Record. ..........................14

NCWM Headquarters 1135 M Street, Suite 110 Lincoln, Nebraska 68508 P. 402.434.4880 F. 402.434.4878 E. info@ncwm.net W. www.ncwm.net Don Onwiler Executive Director Darrell Flocken NTEP Administrator Mike Manheim NTEP Specialist Allen Katalinic NTEP Evaluator Elisa Stritt Office Manager Tyler Reeder Project Coordinator

Follow Us!

My second goal for the year is to create an online marketing plan to share our knowledge with more of the outside world. We have the world at our fingertips, we need to use that power to our benefit and share, not only our knowledge, but our story and our value. As Ron Hayes put it at the toast at the 100th meeting, “We’re the most powerful organization no one has ever heard of.” We need to make a concerted effort to change that. One of the great ways we’ve been doing that is with the toolkit videos. I believe we need to create complementing pieces to those. I’ll be working with Don and his team to develop and implement online advertising campaigns with specific targets to get the best return on our investment and drive people to our information. My final goal brings us back to the members. We have heard there are at least two areas where members are asking for training. I will work to find those, and other training opportunities, and bring them to you either here at the Conference, at the regional meetings, or in any other place we can, whether that be online or in-person. As we’ve seen here the last few years with new items, devices are ever-changing and there is always something new we can learn whether it be a 2-hour class or a 30-minute demonstration. Don’t be surprised if I reach out to some of you to provide this, particularly the associate members. I

know we’re all busy in our “regular” jobs, so I will do what I can to get you the tools and help you need so we can share that knowledge. To that end, the NCWM has great opportunity for growth; in size, in scope, in responsibility, and in knowledge. It will not be easy and there will be struggles, but as many in weights and measures programs, particularly in state and local governments, know if there is one thing we are good at, it is adapting and overcoming obstacles. The success of NCWM is due to the time and effort put in by our many volunteers. Feel free to contact me if you have questions, ideas, or would like to be a mentor. I look forward to helping the National Conference on Weights and Measures grow!

Craig VanBuren NCWM Chairman

NCWM hats and polos are available for purchase at www.ncwm.net/resource/merchandise

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2 NCWM-News

2019 Issue 3

Safety Column Proper Lifting Techniques Brenda Sharkey, South Dakota

• Store and place materials that need to be manually lifted and transported at “power zone” height, about mid-thigh to mid-chest • Minimize bending and reaching by placing heavy objects on shelves, tables, or racks. For example, stack spools on pallets to raise them into the power zone • Avoid twisting while lifting, especially when bending forward. Turn by moving your feet rather than twisting your torso • Keep elbows close to your body and keep the load as close to your body as possible Environmental Factors • Cold temperatures can cause decreased muscle flexibility which can result in muscle pulls • Excessively hot temperatures can lead to dehydration, fatigue, and increased metabolic load • Low visibility or poor lighting increases the chance of trips and falls Possible Solutions • Adjust work schedules to minimize exposure to extreme temperatures • Wear warm clothing when exposed to cold temperatures • Drink water to avoid dehydration in excessive heat • Provide proper lighting for areas with low light and perform work during daylight hours When inspectors use smart lifting practices and work in their “power zone,” they are less likely to suffer from back sprains, muscle pulls, wrist injuries, elbow injuries, spinal injuries, and other injuries caused by lifting heavy objects. Source: www.osha.gov/SLTC/etools/electricalcontractors/ materials/heavy.html

Weights and measures inspectors lift weights daily while conducting inspections. Proper lifting is important to avoid injury. When lifting heavy items, remember to follow proper lifting techniques: Proper Lifting • Stand closely to the load with your feet spread shoulder width apart • Squat down, bend at the knees (not the waist!) • Firmly grasp the object before beginning the lift • Slowly begin straightening your legs, lifting slowly • Never twist your body during this step Awkward Lifting Positions • Bending while lifting forces the back to support the weight of the upper body in addition to the weight you are lifting. Bending while lifting places strain on the back even when lifting something as light as a screwdriver • Bending moves the load away from the body and allows leverage to significantly increase the effective load on the back. This increases the stress on the lower spine and fatigues the muscles • Reaching moves the load away from the back, increases the effective load, and places considerable strain on the shoulders • Carrying loads on one shoulder, under an arm, or in one hand, creates uneven pressure on the spine Possible Solutions • Move items closelyt to your body and use your legs when lifting an item from a low location

Employment Opportunities NCWM is proud to serve the weights and measures community, both private and public sectors, by listing employment opportunities. Any organization that maintains memberships with NCWM may request positions be posted online for public viewing at www.ncwm.net/resource/employment-opportunities.

If you wish to post employment opportunity information, please send inquiries to don.onwiler@ncwm.net.

NCWM-News 3

2019 Issue 3

2020 NCWM Interim Meeting January 26 - 29 | Riverside, California

The Interim Meeting is where our standing committees come together to hear testimony on new proposals brought fourth from the regional meetings as well as carryover items from the previous year. In addition, the committees will determine the status of each item for the Annual Meeting in July. Presentations, testimony, and work sessions will occur through the week. Our committees have their work cut out for them with some very full and diverse agendas. Committee agendas will be available at www.ncwm.net/meetings/interim/publication-15. HOTEL The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa 3649 Mission Inn Avenue Riverside, CA 92501 EVENTS The Chairman’s Reception will honor Craig VanBuren from the State of Michigan. VanBuren attended Michigan Technological University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Starting his career in the automotive industry, he began designing chassis for motor homes and later designing parts for a Tier 1 supplier to Ford Motor Company. VanBuren began work for the State of Michigan as a Field Metrologist in 2000. He later transferred into the laboratory after training at NIST in basic, intermediate and advanced mass calibrations. VanBuren became the Metrology Lab Manager in 2003 and served in that role until 2010 when he became the Director of the Consumer Protection Section. The Section administers the State’s Metrology Lab, Motor Fuels Quality Program and the Weights and Measures Program. VanBuren has been active in the Central Weights and Measures Association (CWMA) serving currently as a member on their Executive Committee. VanBuren has served NCWM Board of Directors since 2013. Previously, he served as Chair for the Credentials Committee for NCWM in 2014.The reception will be Sunday, January 26 th at 5:30 p.m. Attire is business casual . P. (951) 784-0300 Group Rate: $ 131 Reservation Discount Deadline: January 2, 2020

Be sure to Register Online by January 2 to secure discounted rates!

4 NCWM-News

2019 Issue 3

OUR COMMITMENT NEVER ENDS Rice Lake has more than 40,000 weighing solutions and accessories in stock and ready to ship the

same day. Our dedication to service, selection and speed is what separates us from other manufacturers in the industry.

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NCWM-News 5

2019 Issue 3

NTEP Column Welcome Mike Manheim and Allen Katalinic! Darrell Flocken, NTEP Administrator


2019 September NTEP Measuring/Software Mtg.

The National Type Evaluation Program is pleased to announce the addition of two new staff members. Mike Manheim has accepted the position of NTEP Specialist. Among his duties, he will perform NTEP evaluations of weighing devices and audits for the NTEP Verified Conformity Assessment Program (VCAP). Mike was previously Senior Area Service Manager for Fairbanks Scales. He also has experience as a professional firefighter, law officer and in manufacturing quality control. Mike’s email address is Mike.Manheim@ncwm.net. Allen Katalinic has accepted a position with NCWM as NTEP Evaluator of metering devices. Allen was formerly Weights and Measures Program Manager for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. While there, he was authorized by NTEP as an evaluator of metering devices and became highly regarded for his knowledge and abilities in that field. He will work part- time as an evaluator and will also assist NTEP with his expertise in metering devices. Allen’s email address is Allen.Katalinic@ncwm.net. We are excited to have these two highly qualified individuals as part of NTEP. Please join me in welcoming them to their new position as NTEP team members! Advertise in NCWM-News! Reach over 2,500 weights and measures professionals

Denver, Colorado September 24 - 26 October

SWMA Annual Meeting Knoxville, Tennessee October 6 - 9 NEWMA Interim Meeting Norwich, Connecticut October 15 - 17 CWMA Interim Meeting Springfield, Illinois October 21 - 23 2020 January 2020 NCWM Interim Meeting Riverside, California January 26 - 29 May NEWMA Annual Meeting Saratoga Springs, New York May 4 - 7 CWMA Annual Meeting Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin May 18 - 21

Details available at www.ncwm.net/resource/newsletter/advertise

6 NCWM-News

2019 Issue 3

NCWM Welcomes New Members (5/3/2019 - 9/9/2019)

428 Group Matthew Forman Afton Chemical Corp. Brian Rhode Alaska Division of Measurement Standards/ CVE Travis Garding Aaron Johnson Monette Schwoerer Archer Daniels Midland Company Kevin Adlaf Arkansas Bureau of Standards Brad Newberry Nikhil Soman Belmont County Weights and Measures Anthony Rocchio Brodie International Bill Deason Broome County W&M Brodric Warner California Division of Measurement Standards Matthew Douglas Dean Gottlieb City of Milwaukee Kandy Perez City of Pittsfield Sally Carnevale City of Springfield John Quinn Comdata, Inc. Kevin Eckelkamp Compass Instruments Robert Stamp

Cordano Packaging Engineers, LLC Ilario Cordano County of Monterey Jose Chang Dune Labs Inc. Gallin Chen Endress + Hauser Darren Whitford ET Products LLC Franklin Bradley First Choice POS Moses Moskowitz Flint Hills Resources Dale Bohn Florida Dept. of Ag. & Consumer Services Ben Adorno Luis Alicea-Torres Desiree Antonucci Ana Arechabaleta Zachary Baker Christopher Barrow Cecil Berryhill Dorothy Bloxson Donald Allen John Antonio

Bryon Elf David Emig

William Sommer Kimberly Sorenson John Soteropoul Juan Suarez Richard Swiss Howard Tucker Karen Tyler Edward Underhill Ashley Williams

Wayne Erato Guy Esposito Deivys Fernandez Steven Gallas Kevin Gaudin Edgar Gonzalez Juan Gonzalez Charles Gray Benjamin Hair Winston Hamilton Austin Hamm Thomas Hayford James Hindall Jetur Johnson James Karlson Randolph Khunjar William Koskinen Frank Kovacs Gordon Learn Pietro Longano Bobby Maroney Julian Martin Yashica Martinez William Masur Darryl Mauney Sean McGrail Marvin Miller Kathryn Murphy William Murtagh Juma Mussa Charles Myer Evan Nickell Mark Nowatka Sullivan Palermo Ana Perez Steven Reese Camilo Rojas Tommy Rosario Jaucady Rutledge Karl Sauerwein Joseph Scobbo Michael Scott Amy Smith Carl Smith Chloe Smith William Snipes Mark Snyder Greg Krabill John Lamb

Christine Wood Kathleen Wyatt Flyers Energy LLC Mike Teske Georgia Department of Agriculture Cedric Lloyd Hamilton County Jeff Rushforth Hardy Process Solutions Debra Lawson IMAC Systems Kenneth Shum Invenco Group Limited Salvatore Salamoni Ioline Corporation Kevin Reed Iowa Central Fuel Testing Laboratory Don Heck Rhonda Jones Jefferson County Auditor E.J. Conn Johnson County Weights & Measures Gregory Nelson

Dan Brown Don Burthe John Camp Cristopher Cando Johana Cando Rachel Cantillo Roberto Cartaya Michael Chandler Maria Chong-Qui Charles Davidson Earl Davis Tony Davis Rick Deshong Rodney Donhoff Jenys Douglas Brian Eden Robert Edwards

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NCWM-News 7

2019 Issue 3

Levridge Keith Bangasser LinenMaster, LLC Scott Stuart Locosc Ningbo Precision Technology Co. Ltd. Minghai Lu Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry Beth Aucoin Rebecca Davis David Deroche Ulysses Ortiz M&M Label Co. Mary Micheli Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Foresty Richard Sirois Marathon Petroleum Company Robert Foguth Maryland Department of Agriculture Eric Richardson Mettler-Toledo Marc Wolff Minnesota Department of Weights and Measures Valare Falkner Montgomery County Weights & Measures Jim Wolf NCR David Fields NCWM Allen Katalinic Mike Manheim Nebraska: FSCP- Weights and Measures Andrew Montayne

Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Jeffrey Cowlishaw Elizabeth Howells Mark Jensen Andria Scott Adele Young Washington State Patrol Nicholas Gilbert West Virginia Weights and Measures, Division of Labor Thomas Bell Steven Nehls Jacob Woodrum Wingfield Scale & Measure Matt Sturdivant Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection

Stephen Eppens Brian Maser Nevada Division of Consumer Equitability Robert Gilkerson Javier Marin John Fowler New Mexico Department New York Department of Agriculture and Markets Jeremy Best Niagara County Weights & Measures Patrick Kenney NIST, OWM Breyanna Blackwell of Agriculture Uriel Fuentes Andrew Lucero Frankie Melgar

Tisin Tomy Keith Wright POET Biorefining Kari Cook Posnet, Inc. Seok Kim

Rappahannock Petroleum, LLC Shannon Dodson San Diego County Deptartment of Agriculture, Weights and Measures Garrett Cooper San Luis Obispo County Weights and Measures Ismael Guzman-Berdejo Sartorius James Palmer Schenectady County Department of Finance James D’Allaird Siemens Industry John Dronette Sierra Pacific Industries David Bowman Steinlite Corporation Casey Frakes Swisca AG Andreas Kleiner Texas Department of Agriculture Steven Argullin Nathan Leake The Lubrizol Corporation Joy Black The Perfect Shipping Henry Gratzer The Steinlite Corporation Gordon Elliott

Isabel Chavez Micheal Hicks North Carolina Department of Agriculture Joseph Chandler Luke Craven Walter Creech Erik Harrell Ronald Prater Josh Overman Mark Smagner

Darren Leone Travis Soper

Marco Alberto Beretta Jing Yuan

Northampton County Weights & Measures Dave Dreisbach Orange Photonics Stephanie McArdle John Taylor PEI Scott Boorse

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Burea of Weights and Measures

Keith Fryslin Luke Marcy

8 NCWM-News

2019 Issue 3

STOP ACT NOW & COMPLY! IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO CHEAT OR VIOLATE REGS FUEL OIL DEALERS CAN DELIVER SMALL QUANTIES LEGALLY AND PROFITABLY State revenues are increased when dealers stop illegal use of transfer pumps, 55 gallon drums or 5 gallon tanks for the delivery of small quantities of diesel, kerosene or fuel oil.

There is a legal way

Driver doesn’t require a CDL


PUTNUS is a self-contained device that is used while stationary or while carried on a light truck

Certified under NTEP CC: 11-112 Compliant with regulations For information: Jeff Suntup 860.443.0414 or putnus@aol.com “PUTNUS changing fuel oil delivery forever - the real deal.”

NCWM-News 9

2019 Issue 3

One Tool: # 1 Inspection Software WinWam Software There is only one Software product that addresses all of your Weights & Measures Inspection needs. That tool is WinWam Software. WinWam Software is a collection of four powerful modules, which can be purchased separately or together. All of the Weights & Measure modules have been built to perform inspections in accordance with NIST regulations. One Tool and # 1 Inspection Software. WinWam is the most widely used Weights & Measures inspection software on the market. Currently, thirty-one (31) states have purchased WinWam, along with numerous county and city governments.

10 NCWM-News

2019 Issue 3

Package Checking WinWam Package Checking Software is designed for W&M officials and quality assurance professionals to perform standard and random inspections in accordance with NIST Handbook 133. WinWam Package Checking Software guides you through the inspection process. Error, MAV, Cost Error are calculated for each test. Color displays allow easy identification of Pass Fail or Gray Areas. Some of the features include:

Device Inspection WinWam Device Inspection Software is designed to perform and record Handbook 44 inspections WinWam Device Inspection Software supports all devices specified in Handbook 44 including but not limited to: scales, (apothecary, computing, livestock, shipping, vehicles, etc.) meters, LP Gas, LMD, linear devices, timing devices, etc. Whether acceptance or maintenance WinWam calculates tolerances for nearly all tests.

WinWam Device Inspection Software provides a comprehensive

▪ Category A & B Sampling Plans ▪ Automatically Calculates MAV’s Normal USDA Standard, USDA Fluid, Bark Mulch, Polyethylene Sheeting ▪ Allow variations due to moisture loss ▪ Calculates SEL and Standard Deviation ▪ Dynamically calculates Rc/Rt for tare ▪ Calculates conversion factors for volume inspections ▪ Calculates Cost Error, Average Error, Average Cost Error % Error

database of business establishments with a complete inventory of devices. Full detail inspection data allows management the ability to better measure economic impact of the W&M program.

Price Verification WinWam Price Verification Software is designed in accordance with NIST Handbook 130. The Software runs standalone or with a handheld scanner. Software calculates error, lot cost error, net dollar error and calculates Over / Under Ratio. Accommodates Intentional Under-charge and Not On File.

Hypertext Handbooks Hypertext Handbooks are a collection of on-line reference manuals in which the user can view government regulations, search on a particular topic and print any part of the handbook with the touch of a button. 2019 Hypertext Handbooks available now!

Nover Engelstein & Associates, Inc. Developers and sole source providers of WinWam Software 3000 Atrium Way, Suite 2203 Mount Laurel NJ 08054 phone: (856) 273-6988 web-site: www.winwam.com e-mail: sales@winwam.com

NCWM-News 11

2019 Issue 3





Certified Truck Scale Load Cells & More

Call for quote: Check website for details:

12 NCWM-News

2019 Issue 3

Looking Forward...

105 th NCWM Annual Meeting July 12 - 16, 2020 | Tacoma, Washington

The Annual Meeting is the high point of our year where all the hard work pays off. At this meeting, stakeholders will debate important proposals to amend the United States standards for weights and measures. When the debating is done, the votes will be cast.

Courtesy from City of Riverside Committee agendas will be available at www.ncwm.net/meetings/annual/publication-16.

HOTEL Hotel Murano 1320 Broadway Plaza

Tacoma, WA 98402 Group Rate: $ 124 Reservation Discount Deadline: June 19, 2020

EVENTS The Chairman’s Reception will honor NCWM Chairman Craig VanBuren from the State of Michigan. The reception will be Sunday, July 12 th , at 5:30 p.m. Dress is business casual. The Special Event on Wednesday, July 15 th will be announced closer to the meeting date.

Be sure to Register Online by June 19 to secure discounted rates!

Comparing Price and Quantity: Weights and Measures Inspectors test packages to verify net quantity based on the labeled contents. This allows consumers to compare price and quantity with confidence, knowing that they are getting what they pay for at the supermarket. Contact your weights and measures authority with questions or concerns.

NCWM-News 13

2019 Issue 3

Voting Record of the 104 th NCWM Annual Meeting

House of State Representatives


House of Delegates


Board of Directors To Accept the Report

Voice Vote


Laws & Regulations Committee Consent Calendar:

MOS-7, MOS-8, WAM- 5, ODR-2, FLR-1, FLR-7, NET-4, NET-5, NET-8

Yea: 39 Nay: 0 Yea: 31 Nay: 8 Yea: 34 Nay: 2 Yea: 35 Nay: 3 Yea: 38 Nay: 0 Yea: 35 Nay: 2 Yea: 39 Nay: 0 Yea: 38 Nay: 0 Yea: 35 Nay: 0 Yea: 38 Nay: 0 Yea: 39 Nay: 0

Yea: 68 Nay: 0 Yea: 53 Nay: 19 Yea: 42 Nay: 28 Yea: 59 Nay: 10 Yea: 57 Nay: 8 Yea: 54 Nay: 18 Yea: 69 Nay: 1 Yea: 68 Nay: 1 Yea: 58 Nay: 4 Yea: 67 Nay: 1 Yea: 63 Nay: 6




MOS-11 To Hear Amendment: MOS-11 To Amend MOS-11 As Amended Block 4: MOS-6 & FLR-6 To Hear Amendment





Block 4: MOS-6 & FLR-6 To Amend Block 4: MOS-6 & FLR-6 As Amended Priority Item: E15








To Accept the Report

Voice Vote


To Accept the Report

Specifications & Tolerances Committee Consent Calendar: AWS-3, Block 3, Block 4, Block 5, LMD-3, LPG- 2, MFM-2, MFM-4, EVF- 4, TXI-1, GMA-2 Yea: 39 Nay: 0

Yea: 71 Nay: 0


Yea: 38 Nay: 0 Yea: 38 Nay: 1 Yea: 16 Nay: 22 Yea: 36 Nay: 0 Yea: 25 Nay: 14 Yea: 37 Nay: 1

Yea: 72 Nay: 0 Yea: 68 Nay: 1 Yea: 34 Nay: 36 Yea: 68 Nay: 1 Yea: 42 Nay: 27 Yea: 66 Nay: 1





VTM-1 National Conference on Weights and Measures / National Type Evaluation Program Voting Record of the 104 th Annual Meeting July 14-18, 2019, Milwauk e, Wisconsin

Returned to Committee




Returned to Committee


Adopted Adopted

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To Accept the Report

Voice Vote

Professional Development Committee To Accept the Report National Type Evaluation Committee To Accept the Report

Voice Vote


Voice Vote


Nominating Committee To Elect the Slate of Officers as Presented in the Report

Voice Vote


14 NCWM-News

2019 Issue 3

Our Advertisers Anyload LLC Coti Global Sensors PUTNUS Rice Lake Weighing Systems WinWam Software

Thank you for your support of NCWM!

National Conference on Weights and Measures “That Equity May Prevail”

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