QU Dining Newsletter April 2019


WHAT’S NEW AT QUINNIPIAC DINING Quinnipiac Dining has introduced Poké bowls to Revolution Noodle and Sushi! See the next page for all of the items we have added upon your request!

STUDENT EMPLOYMENT Apply at altogethergreat.com for any open non-work study positions at the Cafe Q, the Bobcat Den, Concessions, Catering or the York Hill Cafe. Why should you work at Quinnipiac Dining? Convenient location / Free food / Flexible schedule


April ‘19

You Spoke, We Listened! You asked for poké bowls and we added them to Revolution Noodle. We are now offering a salmon/tuna poké bowl as well as a vegetarian poké bowl. You asked for chicken cordon bleu so we added it to our rotation menu at Café Q. You asked for Indian food so we added it to our rotating menu at Create Global. You asked for vegetarian lasagna and vegetarian stir fry so we added those items to Create Global. You asked for vegetarian chili so we added it to our ABP soup station. You asked for enchiladas so we incorporated them at Create Global. You asked for mushroom burgers and spaghetti squash so we added those items to Create Global. You asked for quiche and tofu curry so we added them to Create Global. You asked for whole avocados so we now have them available on the salad bar. You asked for fish tacos so we added them to Create Global. You asked for plant base protein so we now offer that at BowlLife. You asked for mango and watermelon so we added each to the salad bar. You asked for cut limes so we now have them available in the condiment fridge. You asked for made to order stir fry each week so we incorporated that into our rotating menu at Create Global. You asked for more grab & go options. We now offer Jack & Olive at not only Café Q but also York Hill Café and North Haven Café! If you have a product you would like to see available send us a message on Instagram @qudining and we will do our best to get it in!



DIY Grain Bowls 4/3/19 We are offering a free healthy snack in Café Q! Come make your own grain bowl for free at 11:00am.

FYUL Special 4/4/19 Enjoy today’s FYUL special at Café Q for lunch! We are featuring white bean & swiss chard tacos. Good for you and good for the planet!

Taste of New England 4/5/19 You are invited to a free dinner on Friday from 4:30 – 6:30pm! Each dish will be inspired by a state in New England. Students will get to enjoy dishes such as Cape Cod salad, New England clam chowder, whoopie pies and much more!

Mediterranean Buddha Bowl 4/18/19 Head to Café Q today and visit BowlLife for a delicious lunch! We are offering a limited time special – the Mediterranean Buddha Bowl!

Stop Food Waste Day 4/24/19 Did you know 40% of food in America is wasted? Become a Food Waste Warrior! Join our movement to save the food and help raise awareness of the global food waste crisis! Learn more at www.stopfoodwasteday.com and join the fight today by taking the pledge!



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