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Ironically, it was Ella’s bold and venturesome spirit—the very thing that Frederic found so attractive about her—that came between them. Ella’s dreadful stepmother had treated her like a prisoner in her own home and forced her to spend nearly every waking hour performing onerous tasks, like scrubbing grout or chipping congealed mayonnaise from between fork tines. While Ella suffered through all this, she dreamed of a more exhilarating life. She fantasized about riding camels across deserts to search ancient temples for magic lamps, or scaling cloud-covered peaks to play games of chance with the rulers of hidden mountain kingdoms. She honestly believed that anything could happen in her future. 13


Point of View Have students reread paragraph 13 to decide if this tale is being told from the first-person or third-person point of view. What point of view does the author use on this page? How do you know the difference between first- and third-person point of view? (In first-person point of view, the story is narrated by one of the characters; in third-person point of view, the story is narrated by someone outside the story. The narrator uses pronouns like her, them , and she to describe the characters, so I can tell the story is told in third-person.) ANNOTATION TIP: Have students highlight the pronouns that indicate third-person point of view.

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