April 2021


A suburb outside of Texarkana, Texas, the city of Nash has seen consistent growth in recent years. New and old businesses alike have brought vital economic opportunity to the region and rebranded the city as a hot spot in Bowie County. Nationwide commerce has taken a hit since the introduction of COVID-19. Despite the pandemic, however, Nash’s business activity was ultimately unaffected because many of its businesses are industrial or production based. For example, the recently restarted aluminum mill just added 300 jobs to the area. “Nash’s success can be attributed, in part, to our Business Park that is owned by the Nash Industrial Development Corporation,” says Robert Bunch, Mayor of Nash. “The Nash Business Park hosts businesses that include hair salons, HVAC, woodworks, gyms, precision hydraulics and machining, Amazon distributorships, dry cleaning, custom clothing, professional lighting and sound, commercial recording, healthcare equipment, construction companies, firearm supplies and heavy manufacturing.” This eclectic selection of businesses has been fundamental to prosperity. Nash’s retail sales tax revenue has seen an increase of 20 percent for 2020 and now has an increase of 17 percent for the first half of 2021. Higher sales tax revenue means more money is being spent at home, and more taxes equal more funding for local services like fire and police departments and education. A great example is Atwoods Ranch and Home, which is currently the largest source of sales-tax revenue in Nash. “We pride ourselves on ease of doing business in Nash,” says Bunch. “We want to see businesses locate here and we do our best to keep the process simple and timely for builders and business owners. With regard to residential, we have plenty of land available for housing and neighborhoods that could enjoy low property tax, friendly citizens and quiet living.” The population of Nash is approximately 3,400, with around 1,500 workers coming in from outside of Nash every day. Although it is a small-town, it provides substantial employment opportunities to the surrounding area. Both BWI Companies, Inc. and JCM Industries, Inc. had a record- setting fiscal year in 2020. Combined they supply about 300 jobs for the city. Texarkana Aluminum currently has 275 employees. Located across the street is Amerinox Processing, a new aluminum finishing factory, with 15-20 employees and growing.


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