April 2021


F or some of us, music is a getaway from the real world. For others, it’s just fun. But for many, it is a passion from the very first day they pick up an instrument. Bryan Jefferies is a guitar- maker, musician, photographer, and more, bringing art in multiple forms to our community. Along with music, which is “his main diet,” he also runs two media businesses, Fresh Focus Films and Over the Edge Studios, where he does event and commercial photography and video work. His projects include music recording,

in him came out and began to shine with the creation of B-Custom Guitars. When Jefferies begins a guitar, he breaks it down into three components: the look, the feel, and finally the sound. He believes if it doesn’t appeal to the eye, the musician may never pick it up to play. Jefferies and his team at B-Custom have recently teamed up with others to provide

business, Jefferies can call his own shots and offer ideas for guitars, to create a custom experience for each individual. His business is currently offering nine different body shapes to choose from. “By going to Bcustomguitars.com, a customer will be able to view the options and make their choices to start their dream machine build.” The website aids customers in creating their

oil finishes to their guitars, giving them a glossy fresh look that creates a beautiful instrument you may never want to put down. After deciding to pick up

ideal instrument. You dream it, you pick it, they build it. It is a pretty f a s c i n a t i n g process. A lot of Jefferies’ own taste goes into h i s de s i gns .

writing and performing, which he says are his true loves in life. About a year ago, he began teaching high school in Paris, Texas. After getting settled into his new job, he decided to treat himself by having a guitar built, custom-made for himself. His father was a guitarist and got him interested in the music world from the very beginning. “There was always a guitar around,” he said. Two of his brothers were also musicians, so Jefferies has been surrounded by music all his life. That lifelong love of music has evolved over the years, from the performance aspect into Jefferies’ work, and now into a creative outlet that has become a business of its own. “I also was heavily sewn into the music retail scene in Texarkana

Music was almost a second language in my house. ” Bryan Jefferies

for over 20 years, having been associated with Loveall Music, Texarkana Pro Sound, and Brook Mays Music. During all this time, I have always performed in local bands and have enjoyed making and sharing music with the public. Now I have the opportunity to share again, this time in the form of creating custom instruments.” After contemplating having a custom guitar built for himself and having come up empty-handed, he watched hours upon hours of YouTube videos and took the money he set back to have one built to use instead on the purchase of the equipment needed to build one of his own. It didn’t take long for that endeavor to begin its evolution into something bigger as well. “If you can build one, why not build a company that can make many?” This is where the entrepreneur

the guitar, it is important to assess the feel in your hands. If it is not comfortable or just doesn’t feel right, it won’t work. This is where things like string height, neck shape, and body curves come into play; you can’t just build a one-size-fits-all instrument that works for everybody. Jefferies builds guitars like he likes them, hoping his experience will produce instruments others like as well. Of course, the sound may be the most important part. Jefferies says that pickups and how they are wired play a huge part in perfecting the notes you hear. He has recently teamed up with Cody Pappas, of Pappas Amps, to brainstorm ideas for a few new or uncommon pickup ideas and designs to add in the near future. B-Customs Guitars is all about constant innovation and new ideas. Through this

Each instrument will have that extra flair and when you see it, you will know “it’s a B-Customs guitar.” “My motivation comes from the love of music and the instruments involved in making it. A great instrument can inspire an artist and help in the process of writing and performing. My personal love for guitars is part of the story. The other part is the end product.” Bryan Jefferies is passionate about bringing quality and aesthetic beauty to the thing he loves the most—music. Years of experience have made him keenly aware of what it takes to excite a musician and inspire them to see it, pick it up and play it. Innovation, exotic wood choices, top hardware brands, fair pricing and a passion for details make B-Custom Guitars the right choice for any discerning musician.


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