April 2021


We aren’t against each other. It’s us against our bulls. ” Hayden and Ethan Gainey

That passion, combined with a tremendous amount of hard work, has earned Hayden and Ethan $20,000 in competition winnings since they started riding four years ago. If the boys could buy anything in the world, they said it would be more bulls, and they’d love to have their own arena. With their winnings, they purchased their first bull a few years ago, and that purchase has grown into Gainey Bulls, a business they share with their dad. “Now that we own [ten] bucking bulls, different rodeo associations will ask us to bring our bulls to their event as a stock contractor,” the Gaineys explained. “We get paid for every bull that is bucked. Some events the boys are making between $200-$500. We’re already making little businessmen- little entrepreneurs… For the boys, being stock contractors and tending to their animals, teaches them so much. Our three children are definitely not lazy. Everything they have, they’ve earned through hard work,” Amanda said. These hard-working boys have evolved from watching other bull riders on the internet to YouTube sensations themselves and inspiring other kids. But, even with all of their achievements, to the Gaineys, there is a greater purpose here for their family. “At the end of the day, it’s all about ministry,” Lance said. “We do devotionals with the kids at these rodeos. It’s a big thing for these kids because some have never

heard a scripture quoted or anything preached. So, when we go to these events and do devotionals with these kids and they accept Christ as their Savior, it’s not about the 90-point bull ride when a kid gets saved right there at the event.” Not only are they impacting kids and families at events throughout the country, but the Gaineys hosted their first annual Bull Riding Clinic in Fouke on March 20, 2021, for ages 5-17. They’ve kept the rates low so that anyone can learn with the guidance of the Gainey boys. “We encourage families to be passionate about what their child loves and allow them to chase dreams,” Amanda said. “If we had not taken this leap of allowing that first bull ride just a few years ago, the boys would have missed out on something great.” Every day, the Gaineys are intentional about pouring truth into their kids, reminding them to keep the right perspective and their eyes on Christ. “The boys know that in everything you do, you put God first,” Lance said. “I tell them all the time: your best day is someone else’s warmup. You have to get after it and push yourself to be a better competitor, but always remain humble because you’re never too good for anything.” “Right now, this is our season… of bucking bulls,” said Amanda. “I tell the

twins that this is the season God has given us. Of course, their dream is to be the next big thing and to make those million dollars, but I remind them that the Lord has their destiny planned. Right now, we’re embracing the season that we’re in because it may change. He may have something else greater in store.” Seasons change but working hard and giving God the glory in all they do will always remain the top priority for the Gaineys. Determined to chase their dreams, they are pursuing their passion, and they are hanging on for the ride of their lives.


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