April 2021

I miss being a kid because…

CASSY MEISENHEIMER …I could call the request line at the radio station to dedicate a song and then hear it played on the radio.

TERRI SANDEFUR I don’t miss anything

KARA HUMPHREY …your biggest problems only required Band-Aids, but your mom always went a step further and threw in a kiss too. Thanks mom.

LEAH ORR …I had no responsibilities and someone else was in charge of my hair.

about being a kid. I am a control freak and you couldn’t control anything!

MEGAN GRIFFIN …I loved nap time.

MATT CORNELIUS …I didn’t care about things like what to wear since my parents dressed me. Looking back at some of my old pictures though, it’s obvious they didn’t care much either.

LIZ FLIPPO …I was encouraged to take naps and I had a higher metabolism!

BAILEY GRAVITT …My hardest decision was choosing which Crayon color to use!

TERRI GRAVITT …I was skinny, and I had no bills.

MADDY GREEN …I could see my family every day!

TIFFANY HORTON …I miss long carefree

BRIAN JONES …the only real worry I had was making it home before the streetlamps came on… and I miss watching Saturday morning cartoons.

summer days and my mom making dinner every night.

MARY MIDDLEBROOKS …I could draw whenever I liked!

CAROLINE PURTLE …I got to order off the kid’s menu without being judged.

EMILY SARINE …Saturday morning

LIBBY WHITE …vacations and traveling with my family was the best!

cartoons in my jammies until Saved by the Bell was over at 10:30 was the epitome of relaxation.



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