Smart Real Estate Coach - December 2018


Genuine, Sincere, and Trustworthy Coaches THE RESULTS O Our team here at Smart Real Estate Coach knows that starting a new business venture can sometimes be a frightening and frustrating experience. Between deciding which pursuit you want to attempt, spending hours doing research, and finding mentors who can actually help you, you can invest lots of time and money and still

advice, and we’ve forged a great friendship. We were especially excited that he agreed to speak at our event this year because he revealed his newest book, “The Wealth Attraction Secrets for Real Estate Investors,” a private training for attendees of QLS Live only. In addition to the informative and helpful material provided by Dr. Vitale, all of us at the event were so grateful to meet Staff Sgt. Shilo Harris and hear his amazing story. In 2007, Sgt. Shilo was hit by 700 pounds of explosives while he was serving in Iraq. As a result, he lost his ears, part of his nose, several fingers, and over a third of his skin. All in attendance at QLS Live were fortunate enough to hear his inspiring story and apply his motivational approach to life to help guide them in their own struggles. With all the helpful information, the inspiring stories, and the educational conversation, the experience my family and I shared with our Associates this year seems hard to beat, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to try! Stay tuned for more information regarding next year’s QLS Live Event, or check out our QLS Webinar at Perhaps next year, you’ll be just as grateful as we are for time spent with our impassioned and motivated company.

not close any deals. That is where we come in. We know the easiest and quickest ways to help our Associates with their real estate investments because we are in the trenches with them doing our own deals. One of our favorite High 6 Associates, Claudia Dill, described her own transition into buying and selling on terms:

“Three years ago, before I met Chris and his team, I signed up for a different investment program and had only been able to do one deal over the course of a year. So when

– Chris Prefontaine


Being mentors in the real estate business, we always encourage both our prospective and existing Associates to ask questions regarding any aspect of buying and selling on terms. Like anything else in life, learning a new trade takes time, and initially, the systems might seem far more complex than they actually are. That’s where our coaches come in. For this edition, we recall one of our most frequently asked questions and offer some feedback that should be helpful regardless of where you are in your process of buying and selling on terms.


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