Namibia Flight Safari - 2012

Then we were startled to come across real grasses growing in this desiccated

and sandy soil. Of course, it was dried up but apparently serves as food for the

creatures living in this oasis. The biggest plant surprise was the incredible

Welwitschia - a plant which grows only in this desert (and it is the only species in its

genus as well). It is composed of two leathery leaves but it can grow to over 6 feet

tall. Talk about desert adaptation; this plant is the epitome of that evolutionary fact. The

two huge leaves are so torn and shredded by the drought and desert winds that

the plant often looks feathery from a distance. In another testament to the powers

of adaptation, there is even a beetle who lives only

in the welwitschia plant; it is

called the “Dontus Sexpuntatus” or pushmepulya bug. How’s that for specialization?

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