Namibia Flight Safari - 2012

Everything was open to the air. There were breezes to keep us all from melting in the heat

that lay on the land with a very heavy hand.

We enjoyed meeting the staff and taking the exciting safari rides for which Southern & E

Africa are so well known.

Our quest here was to see the desert-adapted black rhinoceros and we were fortunate

enough to see one 22 year old male called by the Rhino Trackers “Don’t Worry.” I imagine

they enjoyed his willingness to be found and stared at by the eager tourists and they know

as long as he was in the area they didn’t have to worry about producing a rhino encounter.

The Rhino Trackers were interesting fellows who come from backgrounds as diverse as

former rhino poachers to trained aides to the Minnesota Zoo and National Geographic

Magazine. They spend every day tracking the 22 or so rhinos who live in this area,

monitoring their health, their habits, the distances they travel as well as protecting

them from poaching. Their record during the last 10 years has been excellent in

preventing their charges from falling to the specimen hunters and in providing

much needed information for the animal researchers and conservators. Our biggest

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