Namibia Flight Safari - 2012

surprise came when our Range Rover hurried through an ever darkening twilight to

meet the Rhino Trackers who had found “Don’t Worry” for us.

He was grazing along a swampy area among tall grasses (I guess the first surprise was

that there was a swampy area in this desert)! The second part of our astonishment was

the fact that we were told to get out of the vehicle, cross a very low and watery

spot over a log, stay as quiet as possible and emerge on the bank only about a

football field’s length from the rhino.

So there we stood looking at this behemoth who was well aware of our presence

with no protection whatever. He shambled a bit closer to us perhaps as curious

about us as we were about him but not nearly as vulnerable as we felt. He was

huge and seemed to grow exponentially as he edged closer. So we got excellent views

of him as well as good close up pictures. “Don’t Worry” might have been his name, but

we could not stop worrying that he might charge and we knew we’d never get back

over the log bridge, the watery area and up the hill to the car without his

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