Namibia Flight Safari - 2012

reaching us first! But we were completely safe as it turned out and thrilled to see

this huge creature living in such an unlikely environment.

At a dinner one night we conversed with Agnes who runs Desert Rhino Camp, with

Raymond the coordinator & driver for the safaris and Consigy who was the grandson

of a reformed rhino hunter. We felt that we had real person-to-person conversations

with these three people and learned much about why Namibia is already a successful

African nation in a sea of failed states. The interest in education that all three of

these young people evinced, as well as their personal ambitions to better their own lives,

that of their families, and the society at large, was inspiring. They all saw the value of

learning skills that were marketable, of conserving their country’s natural resources

and making sure that they were used to benefit all, and of preserving the natural


They were politically aware of what was going on in the country and were eager to see

Namibia prosper and progress. Raymond and Agnes were continuing their educations

at university and clearly had profited from their earlier basic education.

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