Namibia Flight Safari - 2012

The camp is in a long valley, bone dry of course, except for some natural springs and

a river nearby which attracts the wildlife which of course brings the tourists. This

valley is one in a series of gorges cutting through the area creating mesas, buttes,

and marvelous panoramas o f des er t scenery. The river we explored ev er y day wa

s shallow but overflowing and it supported grasses, trees and shrubs for the animals

and birds of the area. Such a green and beautiful oasis in this unbelievably dry


Yet another example of the urge to improve Namibia was Pieter’s choice of his second

in command, our young guide, Pollan. As we learned during our stay, this young man

(in his 20s) is a member of the tribe nomadic people who have lived in this area for

centuries. These people live a Stone Age kind of life with very little interaction and

interest in the miracles of the 21 century.

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