Namibia Flight Safari - 2012

Because water is such a



their clothing is not

washed in it - rather




costumes over smoky

fires to cleanse them by

encouraging the smoke

to flow through the


We thought perhaps the purpose was insure that no insects or other parasites could live in

the materials. The method of cleaning certainly did not remove dirt from them.

The day we visited the village, the men were all away searching out the next site for a village

since they would soon be leaving this current place because all the grass was drying

up or being eaten completely by the village’s livestock. The women willingly

demonstrated how they created their red powders, how they made a fragrance to

apply to their bodies, how they made beads for decoration, how they cleaned their

clothes. They seemed totally incurious about us or where we might have come from or

even why we had come. It seemed their only contact with our world was their

eagerness to sell their bead creations and other jewelry to us.

Yet Pollan was a son of this tribe and laughed and talked with the ladies all the while

we visited. In just one generation he emerged from this primitive tribe to join the new

Namibia. He went to school in the settlement below the Elephant Camp and was

hired by Pieter the camp owner who further educated him in the skills it takes to run

a tourist operation. So now when Pieter goes to another of his camps, Pollan runs

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