Namibia Flight Safari - 2012

this one. He has learned to drive, to guide, to keep records of business, to use the

computer, to direct the cooks and waiters and housekeeping personal, to make

small repairs of things around the camp as well as the vehicles. Pollan has ambition

and wants to better himself even further. And this new Namibia has given him the

chance to be something other than a nomadic shepherd. Another example of the

importance of education in personal and national advancement.

Another good thing to report is that Pollan did not have to sacrifice his tracking

skills to advance in the tourist industry above the ranks of driver/guide. Because

we were the only four people in camp during our visit, Pollan himself took us out on

the safari drives in search of the rare desert-adapted elephants found only in Mali and

here in Namibia. He was persistent and successful in getting us to see the six member

herd in the area in two different habitats on two different days.

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