Namibia Flight Safari - 2012

We first saw them in the lush river canyon where the grasses were prolific and the

waters ran clear and cold. We drove after them and found the 6 shambling along

slowly towards water which Pollan told us was at least another 10 miles away. They

had already walked at least 40 miles during the late afternoon and night of the day


The following morning, we returned to the lush valley and found they had disappeared.

We followed the valley to an exit into the grasslands and then onto the desert


Then after much on foot tracking as well as some exciting 4 wheel runs up steep

hills and onto to barren and rocky plateaus, he spotted them on a long stretch of

open desert with no water or vegetation in sight. Their gait was interesting. They walked

very slowly and stopped frequently as though to rest. When they halted,

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