Namibia Flight Safari - 2012

it was almost as if they were playing the child’s game of “Statues” as they seemed

to freeze in place, even with one foot raised and kept there. The matriarch with the

young one was definitely the leader in this deadly game. She appeared to be giving

the older male at the rear of their single file like a true respite since he seemed to be

having the most trouble keeping the pace. As she started to walk again, the line moved

like train cars catching up with a restarted engine. The last one to get going was the

aging bull. Pollan estimated they had about another two hours before reaching the next

water source.

What was most amazing to us was the fact that the elephants left the sanctuary of

the canyon with its abundant water and grass to trudge across the desert spaces

to reach another such place. Why not just stay in the canyon? Were they practicing

some sort of “conservation” by n o t completely using up the resources at one place

before moving out? Did the Himba folks practice such care in saving their

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