Namibia Flight Safari - 2012

Besides the nightly astronomy shows, the resort offered quad rides in the dunes,

morning and afternoon safari drives, a really special gift shop with local creations as

well as interesting gift ideas, and very good reference library to research

questions that arose about the animals and plants and geology in the area.

Our biggest curiosity was about the “fairy rings” we observed as we flew into the

valley a couple of miles from the Lodge. These were round patterns all over the

ground where nothing grew inside the circle. Each was outlined with plants but nothing

seemed able to survive in the interior. The pilot told us that these were still a mystery,

despite several studies which were undertaken to understand the phenomenon.

The circles are fairly uniform in size though there are larger and smaller ones. The

floor of the valley is sandy with scattered small stones as well and there is plant life

thriving there - just not inside the circles. Some theories have been advanced but

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