Namibia Flight Safari - 2012

none of them is universally accepted as the answer. The most likely one seemed to be

that the surrounding plants exuded a toxin that prevented other plants from growing

inside, but that was disproved. Well, needless to say the library gave us no answer

either. So -- another African mystery.

Our two most wonderful sightings in this camp were the African Wild Cat which looks

very like a slightly larger than normal domestic cat but we had not seen one before and

the amazing Aardwolf which we had never seen before either.

The Aardwolf is not kin to wolves or canids of any kind but looks rather like a small

hyena sloping back, spotted fur, pointed nose, and very erect ears. But he does not prey

on animals living or dead. His diet is chiefly subterranean termites. In what our guide

stated was unusual behavior, we saw this creature in full sunshine. Normally they are

nocturnal, but this fellow as very obliging so we got an excellent picture of him as well.

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