Namibia Flight Safari - 2012

standerbeetle. As you will soon learn, we were successful at three out of four! We

were lucky enough to see other animal species we had not anticipated.

Namibia has been independent only since 1990, after having been the German

colony of Southwest Africa until World War I when it became a protectorate of South

Africa. After a lengthy uprising, the United Nations negotiated a settlement between

the insurgents and the South African government which created a free & independent


It has a large territory, being a slightly more than half the size of Alaska. Because it

is occupied by two deserts, the country has less than 1 percent arable land.

The two deserts are the Kalahari in the southern part and the Namib running the

length of the Atlantic Coast stretching as far as 100 miles inland. One great

achievement of this arid nation is the fact that it is the first country in the world

to include environmental protection in its constitution ; therefore about 14% of the land

is set aside as parks and preserves.


The Namib is the world’s oldest desert at 55 million years and it boasts the highest sand

dunes in the world: the tallest is 980 feet high. The entire desert is part of the

preserved land of the country. The Kuiseb River bisects the desert creating two fairly

different terrains. South of the river is the great sand sea characterized by parallel

sand dunes with regular troughs between them. The great red hills are beautiful in

their austerity and in the colors which the sunlight and shadow paint on their silky

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