Namibia Flight Safari - 2012


The Kalahari Desert covers most of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South

Africa. Though it is a semi-arid plateau, it is not a true desert because in its total

territory it can receive between 5 and 20 inches of rain annually. Geologists also use

animal life present to determine what is true desert and what is not. In the Kalahari

many animals live who cannot survive in a true desert. Furthermore, many humans

have lived in the Kalahari for millennia but that is not true of the Namib where only

scattered small tribes have lived nomadic lives in the past. Three lodges in Namibia

were our homes away from home while we explored this dramatic and beautiful

country. We used small planes to travel from one of these camps to the next.

Africa Easy, a company owned and operated by Nadia Eckhardt, planned this safari for us.

She also introduced us to two other people who wanted to see Namibia, so Peter

and Sharon Robinson became our traveling companions. It was a good match and we

enjoyed the wonders of the country together.

After only an hour in the capital city of Windhoek, we boarded the first of the small, single

engine planes that would ferry us about the country from north to south. Our first

destination was Desert Rhino Camp in the north. During this flight we observed the

rocky and barren terrain north of the dividing River Kuiseb.

There were cindery, sharp and craggy granite spines and spires occasionally jutting out of

the flat land and we could see lines of green trees & bushes which follow the courses of

dry rivers under which run enough water to allow them to live on despite no rain

and no standing surface waters.

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