Namibia Flight Safari - 2012

emphasize the point, the sandy areas were interlaced with salt pans of dazzling but

deadly glaring white. A true “dead zone.” But awe-inspiring nonetheless.

The black ridges, aretes, and crag testified to the ancient pedigree of this desert

like dinosaur bones emerging from the antediluvian sands. Even the gravelly sands

here lacked the brilliant reds of the desert dune area; these sands were light ochres

or even grayish smears below the plane’s wingtips.

Surprisingly, there was a kind of beauty to be seen in the sand patterns

where it appeared that water had flowed at some time in the past. These sand

patterns looked like the prominent veins in leaves or lightning forks in the sky.

When had these patterns been created was an unanswered question.

Another wonderful phenomenon came into view as our young pilot, Waldemar, took us

out to the coastline at Cape Cross. As we flew above the blue green Atlantic and

looked back at the shore, there were granite boulders lining the water’s edge and

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