Namibia Flight Safari - 2012

prophesying some other human beings in the area. Sure enough, the Land Rover

appeared on the rise from the desert floor onto our plateau and we felt relief at our



Desert Rhino Camp was about a 45 minute ride from the landing spot and

the rock-strewn suggestion of a path took us through an amazing transformation in

scenery. It was surreal to see actual greenery growing alongside our way. Bitter and

bitten plants to be sure, but something alive anyway. In the distance we spied 4-

legged creatures which our driver identified as a small herd of Oryx - a very

handsome desert-adapted antelope which we had not expected. Dramatic

sweptback, long and ridged horns characterize this animal’s lovely head with

beautiful facial markings of dark and light stripes to minimize sun glare. Both

males and females sport these horns, but the males are larger. It turned out we would

see this beautiful animal everywhere in the three sectors of the Namib that we visited.

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