American Consequences - March 2021

salary. The American people have trusted the CDC to be the people on watch guarding the country from outside (pathogen) invaders. They were sleeping on their watch. Time to clean up the ranks. –Gene A. Buck Sexton Response: Gene, thanks so much for writing in. I couldn’t be more fed up with that totalitarian Smurf. Fauci is the worst public sector employee in my lifetime. I’d even say he’s more awful than James Comey, the man who single-handedly ruined the FBI’s reputation and betrayed the trust of a sitting president. Fauci has been wrong over and over again, pretends that he doesn’t know the difference between “the science” and policy judgment, and has created untold anxiety and misery. He’s a power-mad lab coat totalitarian who should have been fired a year ago. Outstanding commentary by Buck Sexton on the Gremlin Fauci. It takes a lot of nerve for Dr. Strangelove to claim the USA did the worst when the government was listening to him. Trump had it right last year. Reopen the economy Easter 2020 (never should have closed it) and put the gremlin in the microwave or the blender. – Scott E. Buck Sexton Response: Scott, I simply couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you for seeing lockdown reality and appreciating my ability to do the same. I advocated publicly for reopening at Easter last year and received more hate mail and threats of violence than perhaps any other time in my life. But I was right, lockdowners were wrong, and what they’ve done to this country is utter madness. Fauci is not America’s cuddly grandpa... He’s our smarmy bureaucrat overlord who thinks he should get the Nobel Prize for telling us every five minutes to wash our hands.

of mass hysteria and lockdown insanity. As much as I know a lot of people on the Right don’t want to hear this, Donald Trump may not be able to run in 2024. He’s already 74, and four years can be a big difference in terms of health and energy at that stage. I hope Trump continues to be vigorous and healthy for many years to come, but the GOP would be foolish to count on that. Re: Who Is Responsible for America’s COVID disaster? I agree with Buck Sexton’s take on Fauci. In fact, after this COVID mess has settled down, there should be an independent investigation into the performance of the CDC. After all, they are the group charged with “seeing” into the future to prepare ordinary citizens from harm. Much like the Pentagon war games future scenarios of combat, I would have expected the CDC to “war game” future possible pandemics and prepare the infrastructure for them. Why was there a shortage of masks and PPE equipment? Did they recognize the needs for such equipment in the past and sound the alarm? (Rather than spending time and money on gun violence studies, which is not their charge.) As I recall, we had the same problem (lack of PPE) when Ebola came to Dallas. Why the slow recognition of the severity of the disease that might have led to an earlier sounding of the alarm? These people are the experts after all. And why is Fauci being paid $400k a year (better than a lot of CEOs) for the misinformation and confusion he caused. If they can’t show him the door, then he should be demoted to an army base hospital with a quarter of his

American Consequences


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