American Consequences - March 2021


assisted living facilities. And on the heels of that controversy, there’s now multiple women accusing him of sexual harassment. Completing the implosion, former aides have come forward to paint the man as a toxic, berating bully. Cuomo’s one of the only people (along with Dr. Fauci and Big Tech oligarchs) who could claim 2020 was their best year ever.

U.S. Teacher Unions The National Education Association (“NEA”) is a beast whose shadow looms large as our

country’s largest labor union. Yes, teachers are often under-appreciated and should make more money. But our children also need to be in school. Throughout the pandemic, the NEA has been inflexible in its position of not going back to work while swaths of other “essential” workers in health care or service industries have. We all know remote learning is hot garbage – all my seven-year-old daughter has learned this year is how to share her screen and put herself on mute. Parents, it’s time to make your voices heard. NewYork Governor Andrew Cuomo Et tu, Andrew? Cuomo’s Icarus-like fall from grace is staggering... Once hailed as a pandemic hero for his surreal daily press conferences a year ago that gave some comfort to the American people, he now finds himself embroiled in two scandals. There’s Nursing Home-Gate, which brought to light that he and his team knowingly underreported and subsequently tried to cover up COVID deaths in New York

ThoseWho Tried to Cancel Dr. Seuss Horton hears a what? Whether you pinpoint this to organizations like Kid Conscious or Virginia’s Loudoun County Public

Schools, it’s the same extremist, woke, social justice warriors smiling over their newest victim, blade in hand. So now, since some early Seussian illustrations may or may not have been racially insensitive, six Dr. Seuss books you’ve never heard of, such as The Cat’s Quizzer and McElligot’s Pool , have been banned. From there to here, from there to here, cancel culture is everywhere .


March 2021

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