American Consequences - March 2021

Homeschooling day 359: The kids had butter for breakfast.

March 2021: Pretty much the same as March 2020, but we now have toilet paper.

Just spent 45 minutes on the treadmill. Tomorrow my goal is to turn it on.

Apparently, it's only appropriate to say "Look at you! You got so big!" to children. Adults tend to get offeneded.

Dear Humanity, you've been a lovely host, xoxo. COVID.

Employee of the Year: Your Liver

This year was bittersweet: I got to binge-watch Willy Wonka while being just as bedridden as Charlie's grandparents. Every morning, my phone tells me that something else is unprecedented. At this point, it's all definitely precedented.

America: 2020 was the best worst show of all time. But this second season's predictable AF.

Why. Am. I. Buying. Clothes? Where the f*ck am I going?

American Consequences


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