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‘A Slice of Heaven’ Hanging With the Fami ly on Lake Tul loch

Every year toward the end of July, my family packs up and heads out to my grandfather-in-law’s place on Lake Tulloch to get away for a few days. The house, sitting right on the side of the beautiful lake, has been in my wife’s family for years, and we relish every opportunity to get out there and relax together with my in-laws, Lindsay’s brother and his wife, their kids, and of course our own Jake and Owen. Lindsay’s grandfather always refers to it as “a slice of heaven,” and it truly is. There’s no better place to recharge alongside my family. Sitting out on the deck overlooking the water and the green, rolling, tree-dotted hills beyond, it’s pretty much impossible not to feel a pervasive sense of peace. And really, we’re lucky to be able to go there at all. It used to be that you could rent property out there, but as the lake became crowded with tourists, all the homeowner’s associations began to clamp down on rentals due to all the excessive noise. So, even though it’s this incredible place, it remains charged with this quiet energy, an uncrowded and unhurried atmosphere that does wonders for a busy guy like me. My wife’s been going there with her 33 cousins and nine aunts and uncles since she was tiny. Over the years, as they created countless memories, it became a special place for their family. And now, Jake and Owen and their three slightly older cousins are doing the same thing — it’s really cool to see. And as tranquil as the place is, it’s easy to find something to do if we or the kids get antsy. We’ll grab the kids and go out fishing with them, reeling in all kinds of bass, crappie, and every once in a while, a bluegill or two. Last year, Owen caught his first fish ever, and one day, looking over the top deck of the house, I saw an insanely huge,

monster fish slowly circling the shallows — I’d be okay if we never hooked that particular beast.

When we’re not on the pontoon boat, sometimes we’ll rent a speedboat and do some wakeboarding or tubing, or skip boats altogether and get out on the paddleboards. And of course, we’ll be out swimming in the warm water nearly every day. But for me, the best part will always be the time I get to spend with my family. Every year, we add a new chapter at Lake Tulloch, a new set of memories that brings us closer together. Whether we’re barbecuing out on the lake, watching as a troupe of deer silently step past the house in the early morning, or catching the sunset from the pontoon boat, I’m constantly struck by a feeling of immense gratitude to have this chance to be with the people I care about most. Dr. Fabrice Rockich

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