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PROJECT PROFILE | LOS ANGELES, CA Class Leading L.A. Development Implementing Sustainable Tech Modular Wetlands® System

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Porter Ranch Los Angeles, California

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Introduction Los Angeles, California is still one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and space has become even more sensitive and limited than ever. “The county is facing a severe housing shortage, and a need for more housing and price attainable housing” 1 , according to Diana Victoria Coronado of the Building Industry Association. High-density cities have simultaneous challenges. Land development is lucrative and designers are continuously challenged by space, site constraints, and regulations; so every square foot is maximized and justifiably scrutinized. Since every new Los Angeles development in design must meet stormwater pollution requirements, engineers and designers are finding relief with stormwater solutions from credible companies with products that are flexible enough to fit their conservative intentions for the land; and goals for maximum value. Situation The Porter Ranch community of Los Angeles is in its initial phases, but this high-profile master planned living experience has already received attention and been awarded Builder of the Year by the Building Industry Association of Los Angeles & Ventura. Porter Ranch offers more than just an array of model home options. When this site reaches completion, it will feature “unrivaled amenities such as the new K-8 Porter Ranch Community School, the Porter

Ranch Town Center, nature areas, hiking trails, the 14-acre Holleigh Bernson Memorial Park, a planned 50-acre park, and a planned high-end retail center” 2 , according to Toll Brothers Incorporated. The Porter Ranch geography and grading plan involves leading a significant amount of rainwater runoff/flow through a stormwater treatment system, approved under the SWQMP (Stormwater QualityManagement Plan), before discharging to the City of Los Angeles storm drain lines. According toMichael Frasco of Bio Clean Environmental, “The site’s geography due to the hillside, made getting stormwater to the onsite retention basins a challenge. In areas where retention was not possible, Modular Wetlands® were implemented to achieve biofiltration treatment before discharging to the L.A. City storm drain.”

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com - trekandshoot

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