The Record SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper

Volume 52-61

July 1960- May 1961

All images for The Record, SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper have been captured from archival microfilm located in the E. H. Butler Library, Archives & Special Collections. As such, variations in individual numbering, coloring, resolution, image size, and searchability is dependent on the quality of the original microfilm capturing. Please contact the Archives & Special Collections Department if there is a particular image or article you would like re-captured at a higher resolution or quality.

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HELLO{ WELCOMETO CEB! All .1�.��� '��:: tie D f C . ll On Campus Friday. J u ly S, Ch a rli e M u n e n a n d hla Q u a e n City Stam p ers wm N ' play at th e I n for m al d Dr.c:e, jam ew ::�: n a t��,t:�.;._ T :n e t� v a en �:1 1 :; 1 � U n i o n atalrB, w he r e t he atu de nt'I will b e l e d tu a aiog by Cha r li e . At !l:00, the c om bin a ti o n d aoca an d j a m a e aal o n wlll b e gtn. Th e au d i­ e n ce will b e giv e n the O]) po rt un lty to a id Ch a rll e lo l ea di n g t he b a n d . Thia may pr o v e v e ry Int e resti ng . Ev e ry one Is I n vited. · / ean O O e g e Su�! e t!�:S�n r ;=: C��m�': el on le to 11.dmlnlel er at u dentpark­ l n g t u s u c h a . w a y th a t m&I!m u m ua e la ma d e o rth e ap ace av a ll a hl e . ln o r de r t o carr y ou t thl1 re ep(lllelbillty, It la nece a s ary th a t all atud en tll w h o wnt b e dr ivi n g o n ::�: 8 r :!u�:: r :g�a� e t/���� C:.!: with t.h e Tr a ffic Comm!Hl o u. Thia �1;·:;� 1 :{ c :;!�b�;:1:!l�n ;::�� n ot co m pl e t.ed on thla d a tn m uat b e tBk en , car !! o f ber o rathaend o rth e first we e k o r tb e s umm e r a e nl o n 111, the De a n o r St u d e nta Offic e . A d ,103. T he Qu een City Stampers Is com pOs e d o r ei:I me mb e rs: Jack Shilli n g on t he d ru m s, Fr an k Col­ l e ra o n !.Ile t r u m ]) e t,Clloit Ko e tzl e o n th e c lari ne t,B d d!e Cronon nt the pi ano , and John Ln c otta on the b a n sax. Ch ar llf'il v e rf v enatll e , ,n d lli l a i n o n many I n stru men ts. Th e h a n d haa a pp ea red at a i;ueBt sp o t at a Bu!l"al o P h !lhar- Bec a u se th e co ll e g e , cam pua l s In m o nlc C o u ce rt. T he y hn e alao ap• tr an altlo n ,11. nd at u d e nt p arking ar ea ]) e a re d a t C a p p arella'a, at m a n y o! is limit e d, It IB esse nti a l that a ll t he local c o u ntry cl ubs, a n d at atu de nta coop era t e I n o b ser ving m any e v en ts here at Stat e . campua- p arklng re gu] a tl on a as d ill• C h arli e , hi m self h aa a p p ear ed trlbute d at r e gistr a ti o n. R e pat r a- wlth Spik e Jo n e•. nod L e s Paul tlo n o f a n a.uto m obil e with the a n " M ar y F o rd. Whil e att e nding Trame Co mm iHlou d oe a n ot gu ar - H u ! c hlns o n-C e ntral Te c hni ca l H!g h a n t ee II. st ude nt 11. par ki n g ap ace . S c h oo l, h e had a n h our a h ow on Howev er , tr all etud e r.t- p a r klng WElBR ca lle d t.h e T e e n -Ta e n e ra. ar e aa a re und • e ffi c i e ntly, th ere R!gbt n ow, h e ls apendl n g hia wiU b e aufflcl e nt ap ace a v a il a bl e . t h irt eeu th s umme r at Cradl e B e a c h Driv e n are rem i n d� that th e y a r e ::ar� �:;:::�:ot the 11.rta � nd :��� c � ��!i/ 0 r e !�:t�:n:� oh •��! Ch a rli e graduat e d t h !a Ju ne r r om Trame C omm 1asl o n, h o w e v e r, I s Stat e ,wh e r e h e Wlll a n art st u d en t. n ot I n t eres t e d lo th e tin es a s a H e b e l o nged t,o Delt a J( ap p a Fr a - s o urc e o f r e v e n ue , a nd 1\nc ere ly �:1;��:d ';!t :� u �= c �:if u !� c ��! ROBE �� W, MacVITlilE �: p : s � \!��:�� h lt ne a wtll b e k ep t will b e a se nl o r he r e n ut fall Dr. R o bert \V. M a cVlttie ha a t o ral wo r k !aat su mme r a t th e Uni- Stud e nt s h ere f or th e a e cond o r I n Augu s t,th e Qu � e n C ity St � m p - be e n nam e d D ea n o f t he C o ll e t e veraity or Mi c hlgn n 'a I ns titut e !n third, consec utiv e a u mm er a e ul o n e ra wlll b e pl a yi n g with th e A mh erat of t he St a t e Univ e r s ity C olle g e or th e A d ml n l s tntl o n of High e r ·Ed u - w�ll n o t e th a t t h la. y ea r'a tnl.frtc Symph on y. Th e wild and woolly E d ucatlm� at B u ff alo , Pr e sid en t c a•,!on, !n A n n A r b or . B e f o r e co m- re gi s t ra ti on f ee o f fifto,-ceute re p- with y o ur ·frie n d s a nd e n joy an d ean or th e c o ll e g e am ce Aug u �t Y.,no d lat e r se r v ed u a uper vl&i n g lll'e cen t s re pr e 1 e 11t ed a. 50% de- e v e ni n g with C ha rli e . "I !���t�h e e u A�:� n � �:!:fd e �:; u u p a o &� :�� c l �:�0:( a �� n ��: es R� d :; le :::� c f;:�:r p !!:. �;� o ��1:: a ��ti� e th e r es ig n ati on o ! Or. H a rvey M. El eme ntary Sch o o 1 In N o rth H a v e n, Tr a ffic C o mmiBat o n b a s.r esu lt e d I n Tour of Harbor :� c ;�at.�;��. ��� u :�e!��t� e "!! 1 � ���1:�:�� u �ru!:a � n u ·p r ;�: 1 1 ��:� t: w t;! u 1�:i�!: d b :� r t:�:;�:t' 1 : c :! Stud e nta ar e I n vited t o a tt end a d ire c t o r o f e l emen a nd HCO".d· j o ur na l s , a nd IB t he au t ho r or"A c a lbp us . Th e T ra ffic Comml11\ o n tou r ot th e Buff a l o H a rb o r by b oa t &r)' educ atio n a t C. E. B. H e came H a ndbook f o r Subetlt u l e T ea ch• will be grat e ful t or tb!a c o op e rati on on W e dne s day, J u ly 13, A bu s w!II t o th e C o ll e g e in S ep t em b er , e r s " n o w In !ta third p ri n ti n g. a gain,e n d wlll att e m.p(to se e to It l ea v e th e co !l e g e from th e f ro nt o r lS53, 11.8 p r!nclpel ot th e C ampu s l n 1957 a nd 1958, D ea n Mac- that a lt s tudent ap a c e will b e u , e d th e Admini s t ra ti o n � Dulld!ug a t 2 S choo l. Vltti e hll.8 aerV e d 11.8 a m e mb e r ot t o the utm os t advantage or th e p.m., a.nd s h o uld N!t u r n a bout 6 D e an M ac Vlttl e ,a. n a tive o rMid- th e K e mp.or e Public ·Sch oo l Sy s t e m 1tud e nt1. p . m . R e e e u a tt o n,, Incl ud ing pa y- d l e town,N. Y.,w as gr ad u a ted with Citb e n,• Advi so ry C o mmittee f o r A n t o n Schwanm ue Ucr m e nt o rt e e,Cfl.95),ah o uld b e m a d e h o n o rs f ro m th e St a t e ' T eac her11 Teaehen· Sal ar i es . H e la a mem • In Ad. 103 bf J u ly 7. Thia wm b e C o ll e ge,On e o n ta. N. 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Twud..r,J, ..y5,1960

Tuudny, Jul 5, 1960 A Few lflell-Chosen Words.

ii����� Art Exhibit In Library Co-.lh..1ln1EJ1ra.GlorL.o.Au.otul.J.,.naoDo.

... .............................. un,k Wod oodnoo-wblto ••••· ......P1>roloolr andmont.ollr h..,,.,.......i worko... and0"'<1ootJob -••" wlll oul!er mool I! Con"'"'' llfflN!'" wltb tbo mlolmum w•••law.lllo,C,,,mb<,r o!Comme,, :ao lU,oUo!tdSt&t .. ,.))O<'t.L Tho lo,,. prodoou.. •••••,. WO<&ldl>0-1.,.100,..ble to wor•· '"''"•4••1•eo•b!ob an!norou, ln tho mlolmum would•ocou,-,;,. tbNat-lCOoml>Orp,.,lol> ..I uaomp1or,,.oo,lo tl>o •otloooo ......,.1,.....,.,,...... ...,••, oltbo wor•ftOrool•l ..

CMAIITDPHEA PLUMMER TltedL.o.Un..•111 be ,riHOd< lrl�J ��,[llli� 11�(:��;�;�f�}J �t!it�?�\�!\!{�\f ���:.��!� �tf !!� [¥.���i�t� �-----"°"'lndlTlduat, ...,..,n.,boolotNdrtno,cbarJtahlofoondallono.o»d""·'"dtbadatffo lt.lle p.,.fonn- !:��!'.'.}��!� ... ,,_.,., �""""'" ........ "";�·:··�:::� ...... §f�}i�t� SulrHO-Grond1,1..dr1o,. II The odllorlol•lo� .. u,0111 ... Tho0""4!1lo<><1P1&1-wOl - !� i� : • ,bn.,.•�d ; •rolr•A.• l. \\"l,lNE£1)YOU! Annot H IO!!tpt....,,.,. ,.





Mr. Katzman To Instruct Golf Clas,;_es Tlllooommot.tboAlbletl<.0111 .. l>aodo. SPORTSFANS New Wing To Be Added -� i:-:..�-::��:.;:,��-:� To Albright Art Gallery ..otf<>,< ..1o,.; ..., <>tbaTO Au""'"""'lllb.l 0<>0· =.:·:·:Ji:.;;;���·:.� ��� :!Fi. ;1Er.��1.::; �:I�:::-:::t::i�::i:.::; i!::=r .��::.;J 17i .�'�!��E: t:on;:� ...:� :���:".Ii�.:.� :;'.':!.•:.:· ;:r �:-.r J:�·: ,'.:! ..��� for ••• �ro;..,,""' ........ :.:�::- .��o::�: 11 i:� :!.�:,��; Joly U. """"' •"'"" Wo• "'"'"'"'''"m,ro,no,..,0000.oo ::·:·.� :,:,�..::·.��::i::'d;..�·.' """' Insurance Factors """"°"·"'


Th� U•molo Pbllbormonlo o,

�g:;�f!:?iJ[;l��f� l :�r; g:\�I.'fEf;: 1

S);��;§ ��J:�?� !


Over Africa

:f���;,� !: l�.:!::,�::�:b:i:E 10 :: • •


• : on :UN,oro11,,



... !:::�. u

PorFo,., Weclnescloy,Jutyll,1960 SPORT ACTIVJTIES Puzzle Problems YO�Ef.1,ysr

•• 40,1a..i br 1. • ren••lnder <>1 1 10 101<: r) :�:� :: ;����u o


0 n- """'" •UI ...n, •l•o tbo �;::�:11·� .��:.::��7i: t.�� b


:ii��f� :.;:� b :i�Y·":: E�i;::��f·:�f:;ff�f,�§

::.::���:;.0::�;: 1 .r�::E :::S·:�si.:!��::!�E :::'. s���.��� 1

.�:�.�� s H�;: Uroo4 1,1004...�rlollyloGran4 lfaorooo1ao1lot- 111011<1.

from llr. Kotlmn lo tloo M.. . . Phy1lcalEdu<&tl01101!1.._ --

Silver Craftsmanship ::;:e;...t,:::_\::'c�l'h���tir:i'.;: ..................,. " ., "" ••, "'"" ... ·-· 'T


Tl,ogomo ofguen-whot• l'm· going·t<>· do-noxt,wh.:h ,om,d,iYOnoeo,nto thlnk Is fun , ! ' o_ bouto ; � on � ••· -at to know whot ottio< d,....,..lnton d todo,on d thoy hon o right to kn ow whot youln! on dlodo. Hond,ignols.b,oko llghl , andlvfflllt dicolO"wo

Pr inlin g Quality-Service- Price •letterpre.Sprinting •Offsetprinting

'. ���;� i].m?,J);;�::�.;� 1


: ��;;��:


,,,......,, J•h: 11. 1KO


Making A Summer Vacation

3 More Tours


"'1 ':,,�S:::.�.r�.�-�� vd ;:� A Good Training Experience � 8 � 11 �?!�! 8 �!f�.� �� ftl�J ir� = � 1!!!�!1t� Dr. Squert To Exhibit Art At Chautauqua

Tb• Camo ••• ,,. 01,,0,.,. from fo,.,.Uo• Uto o amo and ,1,10� 10- ::. '"'"'"'"· ,.•••, •.. - "= ... , '""" ,. ,. "


::!:"w�� 1 1

:11J.:.:/ ,!•;,.�,., o r o

- ;!:, i:!!:"":.J�":!· .!,:.�';'"."":.�'.

OoUteComo,,ouodo.lbmodor lolox p er ln..,. ,noo,oopondowbl



Puzzle Problems


Eledion Is Coming

'H or e••• l bouow... ro,laot """k"o t hr Mqo••UOOo 1) ....,.. , , ... d•••• ··�· , dMd«1br• ..,•ul0

Acdvlttes Al Slale

,.�,�,."��::.:.i ';:,_':��·• ,. ::: tr wo do oot . o • o c t l «i l l •• r a • l•< o. �t:.:!'.. •;.:::;:.:.:•:�:;-,;�!;; S< boo l. oUL .. o bO' ..,.,.ln-,o,·.0"<1uop o

National Pastime

Wb11 0110 beor o "NoUQll.oJ Pu­ tlmo." •11.&t ®N'°="'""": >loU-Ol ..«•- lbal a m.,Jor ltf ofon&UoolaowoN10fo•ltoolo ofO.U oa• P..umo,..r...1o1booo­ oll00Llooo1101oouuo,o. Co,,bu6- bol li.,a.J!e4on.ot1ooo1,...umoi IOmoolOflb&tlDl�BIOtNo...... otlb1o ,-,1 llolb•P«>ol • ot




El.. 9833

A Few Well-Chosen Words . .. ��8:!.ioty�

KlNMOH i,.; , N . T .

HWA•a CAltaON MONOXIDafVIUII Eoch,-.-..i...... -"" ............ .........ici.r.-m.,-.. --- 11ca-Toa,llid.. ............... .....i................ ..,.._,,_ ..... c1oon....op111blfo,.,ya1 _,,__.,.._ Noftf..,..,,_....... old.�ckmd. ICMpolJ.ool-..lnilow _ ........ - . El!!>

Activities at State


WinnereorBukotball :��g:i';;;

491GIIANTIT. �-- ...... ........�-l_'Wl

·Mm1N10a1eoi.htr-an&alldlota11U11-b0--llt tlHI11111m1lo7er, T�nn&arutN- 4&1,llept.llaadA,ud.atlllU..,.., �"::::=:1"!t::::..·...,. ,-.-en

--•·"- _,__ Exams and Fellowship Opportpnities Available§:'� �- � . . o.u........ _. --� T11oUo llM8..1 ..u._..1oe Tllo Woo4ro,r y,uooo N&lloul °"""'onlll......i.n..lll•-"' x..un1.wo1rort__� ,_ 91at.o will 1,o14 11.o - •oll!p roonda- 11M .... aol'lr/""-•'"l'l>l,rlat,1-· JObll.llmllll-'-fl ro'""""""""'-....-u- ..........iu..,""8!Qcoe-001111oaon111;,o1DT.....,,._otl00• .... 1>-a1aoc.1tru1Aet.._.._.._.l.ff..., oODoo.H,lNO.lllO�fO

Byll. G.Verito.


AJIDdd]endledsthelrrdlections, Btanillna,looklq .•• liowU.,,bend. --· LoGthia- •. .o\-1Je tlb a r:lppkooverseadiface.. O..lbim,theotber,rtillbcmL

madO!llloflaOlllt,-- bl.pttr.u.lDl:ol>no04.


.... -o11o.._ p1.. to- a .., "' 1110cb1naaa or u..,COLLEGE BOARD CONTEST lllllo--- ,. =-�;.":. .. ::1i..":: :=:n.:=-��c::.= ..---•...-...... = p -==-


���-=����=s=� ·-- ::.-e:=-:-�.::..��� . _ _,....._ .... . ..._ 1k ��::.:�i=:a--=: -=-----.... :;:;.:� tlo-.lm.U.""---H•I. ....._...., .... ---

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=: � 1w1 .=:. ':�;: �� ,:: lli..!Oli:!."�-;;:::"=·u,11aa With Photo of Coeds :�-:0�.....,�

N:::::·�.·:-::,: �:::=!��{1;::'. :i:.:;;.;·:.:::.,·=: t11":i: :'� o � b = o . !'��-:: =�-:::i! ::.::.:.= °' Ha"!� ..or :Amor ll:>obHoum oo b nopoct!o u&1tllo1!ormo,t yb.o4. \ .. Jua t \bo....,.maol0�01Uoc,ow b oar tU7- :-,i::!�� . udo•a..lo\ b oor H "'YH!ll b loktb aLl&Ollotp,... tlp1 0dootot1totoO:Uu.r lllofHof tllOll"P11bll< lOote&1,aolntllaaroa� d01L c,yoadlnCoocrwo.Tllalt - Hllll�ttoo, &E."H "Jdoa"t t..o• all tll1m 0< b.aa.loo oCoollllaC011c valq\b oJ...o. bot!t ...m.oaelf..,•!dH\U..t.,., proatipl0-Hla1.ll1u""· N � . Tnublood,-J,t.oaLon>f•oor ofei.sUott _


��/ TII........ AN� • &IAIIIU CGIU PLATOON UUIH cun ·-... _ ......... w::.:-..:= ..., .. ...N.. ,,.-,..,,, �,._.... _ �-=-.. =-· .....................


CEB Students In Europe

20:19 21:5'2 21:56 ..... 22:20 22:<14 22:46

L ,. °'°'" ··- 15. McLaushlin ,. ,_, u. Leibert "·

.._... '""':.:' 1 ToaM, - -...-.i.. °""nlu\h�---'-T""' Nam• __ (Jt•"V ' - ,_a....-. ____ WliA) «>lor.--..........-- Nuoo

.... .....

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,.111...... t obolr&Ct, llrlq-lift.. ·-· ulaltnlt.ymcal education department.wUl ,,.., oacll eloulr •Uled. u, beb&pPJ,�I aafd,preparin8'to!J9. ::: :,::�:.!..,��P:; MAre you sure yvu Cllh'l '""' 11 c:ouplo of tkkcta. for ...,., 1..i. a«J�IJ ot •�• bomn tbr Salem hiabl!" be llfikcd hopefully.. A aud<.lenl'Ullt of latolloet ••', •• lUUo

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T........,,....... ,t ti,.-.·-C<>ll"S'O,Sfll!.-snu.llJ"Fl•, ...Kll!d. i .. �=��:-::.:!.:'"""� 41 C.-0�-��n.1)11:No.t t1>,..Ja--coll

� . � ·

BIIS&E'DAlili •., ...... '1 eo_u...-.

Cole Climbs a Walk(o)

Harriers Win and Place In Philadelphia Meet l'Rlu....rtQ.1......_ll-,,.,los.M"""-lloQIW'totlaH.t -� .. -:- .-1 :.-::i::. ...... to .......--.. -- TM Bo- .......... � ----ca'--�wuH:ru'i-ML91. ____ .. ,_ .. --.or lllo.rJ'&ll'l ill I-·- --� i.U.111111- &I - 1'1.1� �---�":"..- ....... wllll Bill ::.?F.S...:Ss��:·:"i:E ..... -.·---·----1--llll....



L!l"ailbag j

' Editorials

.... - A LA CARTE MENUS · Unioo and New Dining Halls

w.......,,JModo .. lNI




. .,,._,._

····-,.-...-....... ............ � .. ""'""......_,..._.


STATIONERY - � CA.RDS & TOYS SCHOOL & OFFICE HEEZIS 1°" DISCOUNT witll I, D, CARD lefont � , -6 $1)11111,Purct.o.. Bf,,. Bw.SA.p 465 Elitlwood TTJ.3374

BUITALO'S BEST PIUII COMES FRdM GRJSANTI'S AND Gcies roCEB If You ,,,_ �r-9119 !°"" UotlMWolp,W.....,.-14.M. ,...., ) SIZES ' • • 12 COMJINA.TIOHS _ (}ri6anii'• ' PIZZERIA rtS1'.1t1UWAU,A,,/i.

' PAT'S , .


,IIIOOII_,._ ,_B,N. Y.


l?ktcnP•,,.g11.... i .. �.:!.""::.":.o:-:-..:;;� _ .....,--.

;PAT'S .-1!.Bi'l!.Bllmtl...PUll.VIYOl!.S .A.G.Aillr O!'Hll.S !'011. "" T:S:B S.ATIS!'.A.C'l'._I01' or - - - - -- IIIIICIMII.... ..,._

el Student Congress Convene August 20th .y J....,.... •1 Pim. IU.GIWIISUA :ti-•·-..i-o..1M. .-or-.-...q- T11olotramo..1Bu•II..-� IIIJTU.poo

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To the students of CEB:

other academic year! One tends to reflect on the . past and there 1s much that good ' to · rertiember. " As we go into the summer, let us look to the future with confidence and optimi 9 m. The faculty and staff, I am · sure, join me in saying it has been good to be together. Have a pleasant and profitable sum- mer.

"COLLEGE MEN SUMMER JOBS follTimeWor kThi 1Si.>mmer Eom$4,000betweenMO }fondS..pttm� r


SCHOOL TEACHER PLAN from COLE SUtJICT: KOW TO IUY A. MIW 19'1 IMGLISH fOID W""-DINTING YOUI IA.MK IAUMCll "' ••• ••-Colo"To Nh•" •"••-Plao"!lliqUo b-. b �L�1.':'Ji,:;o�; o"JL v�.:..!"'pon od ,,..,. ,:,,,i. o,. ONLY '" DOWNI ,. COLI IX�LUIIVII ,.., tlult'o o, ..,l!Ot, wkn u,..- nrc b..•th wo-· 4 p&INqOf Aqll« ""·-·� .... �.. " .. -· NOl'AYMI.NTIO..,lotJULYo,AUOUITlnat·o�Hf COLI IXCLUIIVII� Wutllor 1

Eornlnuces of$133.00!*r-k. Tra...lto raorto-s ;p lentyoftl ,....for bootlng,Jwlm� ming.ond golf. Win on ol�pol d holldoy'.i:London for-WMk. Some quollfi.d tudents rnoy wor k owowm for 1he So.,,vner. . IA.SIC llQUIIIMIMTS 1. e>v.,l8y..:uiofC191!. 2. At 1..,.1 6 moMhl ofC.011•. J, NIGIO!)l*)r on«. ThoM ,tudolnts ...tto qu ali fy moy,;ontln.,. 1h el• oaoclall on wi th UI ne>

I-;;;;; '" ........� I •od1fo,tho0,1....u-lwt-to ,,.. 100!, 1010,o ot l o tM 11- ,.,.,

...........•••• �1.(...863.( ................ �12-6220 .................. HAr r' -i2-<1718 .. ....• �lodi..(..(981 ...................... Fr onkllnl- 2610 ..........�3-lffll ................,. Atwot..1-8383 . ............: .... AOS-2051 .................................... 5-41'6 . ...................Wl2-32l2

TOMORROW-wi,11oROl>od1conrn 11rp,oo11o1 th• ....1 .""111., fuhlontGrU..woll-d-�nl ""!ty...,l'dbot...,,,,..lfOt1U.. :-..1.-�u:!,. i.- :�lh-� llnM118r!tW11Mrltap,ll'o�� trlcoullaowlU.oo....bloll... P>"ool'lplpkl•---m..., .... te4tnforf.- 1-poplllarl l f,

T141lla00110 IUNY,OU , .. .._ ... _ -·N. Y,

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