Shopping Center Guide to Decor

About Us Downtown Decorations was established in 2003 by Ted Peterson and his son Garrett Peterson as a small holiday decor business. After years of steady growth, Downtown Decorations is now a premier provider of decorative services with a portfolio spanning projects of all sizes around the globe. We continue, however, to retain the values of a family business that pours the same level of energy and passion into each project as we did on day one. Now, if you can’t already tell, we’re cuckoo for Christmas, but some are surprised to learn that our capabilities stretch beyond the holiday season to year-round projects. We are one of the leading producers of light pole banners, and like all aspects of our company, we provide customization on every level. If you can draw it, photograph it, or write it, we can print it. We like to call ourselves a design house with the capabilities to design, craft, fabricate, and install decor. We are a one-stop shop for all things commercial decorations and want to provide our clients with the full “5-star hotel, hang out in the spa and get room service” kind of experience.

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