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Let ter From the Edi tor

The Febr uar y issue of The Salute focuses on fine ar ts offered at CHS such as choir, band, ar t, and speech. We decided on fine ar ts as the topic of this issue in order to show how much time and ener gy students and teacher s put into these classes and extr acur r icular s. I would like to thank all of the businesses that continue to adver tise in The Salute, and I would like to thank TheShopper for their continuous suppor t.

Kir sten Gossman

Gi v i ng a Chance to Be Creat i ve

Written by Dana T heus

The jazz band at CHSwas founded many year s ago, around the 1960?s. The main instr uments in jazz band are tr umpets, trombones, and saxophones. Mr. Dobbs, the director of the jazz band, stated, ?That type of music calls for specific instr uments that are a little bit different than the ones in concer t band. For example, you don?t see the flutes and clar inets in jazz band as much.? Students in gr ades 9- 12 are able to join the jazz band if they want to. If too many students want to join the jazz band, there are auditions, which weren?t necessar y this year. Cur rently, 22 musicians play in the jazz band. ?We tr y to find a spot for ever ybody who wants to be in jazz band. They need to show me that they?re able to keep up with the music. If they?re really str uggling, I?ll tr y and work with them extr a to get it down,? Mr. Dobbs said. The jazz band will compete in three jazz festivals this year between Januar y and March and host Jazz Spotlight on Apr il 6 & 7, 2019. Senior Annie Mast, who has been a member of the jazz band since she was a freshman, stated,?My favor ite par t about the jazz band is that we?re playing a different var iety of music. We can do more cool music and are also able to improvise.?Mast has played different instr uments through her high school career. This year she?s playing the bar i- saxophone in jazz band. Mr. Dobbs said, ?The jazz band gives kids a chance to be creative and there are oppor tunities for

Senior Annie Mast gets jazzy on her saxophone.

them to make up their own solo and do improvisation.?

One Sound, One Band, One Goal Written by Morgan Moser

?Teamwork, discipline, and hard work?are all skills students can lear n from being a member of band. Crestwood?s Concer t Band is in the hands of Mr. Jason Dobbs. Concer t Band is a specific group of instr uments such as flutes, saxophones, clar inets, trombones, bar itones, and tr umpets that play music gener ally wr itten for concer t band. Concer t band is also normally a lar ger group of students

with 44 students par ticipating in Concer t Band at Crestwood. Charlotte Stinson, a senior at Crestwood High School, plays tr umpet. Stinson says, ?My favor ite par t of Concer t Band is the family aspect of it.? Planning for Concer t Band has to be on the spot. Mr. Dobbs said, ?I can?t really plan super far ahead. After ever y rehear sal I ask myself, what did they do well on, what do they need to work on, and then go from there.? Another way Mr. Dobbs plans is by picking music the band plays. He makes sure the music is always at the musicians? level. He wants the music to be challenging but wants the students to have fun playing. Mr. Dobbs also chooses different types of music. He tr ies to have a more popular piece, a march piece, and a slower piece. He also tr ies to have music with different time signatures.

CHSconcert band performs at their annual winter concert.

Mr. Dobbs said, ? I want students to get teamwork, discipline, and hard work out of concer t band. I want band to be a family type activity, so I want people to create some strong bonds, and I want them to lear n enough skill so they can play outside of high school. Stinson says, ?I have gained a lot of skill from band. I?ve lear ned to play an instr ument pretty well, and that will help me advance into colleges.? Mr. Dobbs encour ages other students who aren't involved with band to attend concer ts and performances that are held throughout the year. Grow th through Sound Instr umental Solo Ensemble provides CHS band students new exper iences. According to band director Mr. Jason Dobbs, ?it gives Written by Gina Hayek

students the oppor tunity to play in an individual and small group basis and to play different styles of music they ordinar ily would not play.? CHS band students have been involved in Instr umental Solo Ensemble for awhile: ?I am not entirely sure how long we?ve been involved in this event, but I know it has been a long time,?shared Mr. Dobbs. Instr umental Solo Ensemble is held on a Saturday accompanied by Vocal Solo Ensemble. Dur ing the performances, judges fill out a ballot. Solos and Ensembles are scored similarly. The Ballots list 7 different categor ies: tone quality, intonation, rhythm, technique, musicianship, ar ticulations, and other performance factor s. Students are then given a r ating of a 1, 2, or 3 that is later posted in a centr al location.

Junior Katlin Born practices her snare drum solo.

Junior Katlin Bor n has been involved in this event for 3 year s. Bor n looks forward to the event shar ing, ?I enjoy performing the piece after I worked hard on it.? Bor n plans on par ticipating in percussion- based events because it helps her : ?I can play cer tain instr uments better because I have more pr actice with them.? Bor n encour ages other students to par ticipate, because the Instr umental Solo Ensemble has helped her. ?This event has taught me not to procr astinate and to pr actice,? Bor n explained. .

Written by Dana T heus

Mr. Dobbs has been a teacher at Crestwood High School for 15year s and is in his 23rd year as a band director. The main instr uments he plays are percussion and keyboards. Mr. Dobbs says, ?Since I?ve been a band director, I?ve picked up on many other instr uments like tr umpets, trombones, and clar inets.?For listening, Mr. Dobbs likes a var iety of music. It depends on what mood he?s in. ?I don?t limit myself to one type of music, but I prefer classic rock to today?s pop,? Mr. Dobbs stated. Mr. Dobbs plays music outside of school too. He?s par t of an adult orchestr a in Decor ah. ?It keeps me challenged and keeps me thinking as a musician. It?s nice to be on the other side of things to remember where that spark for my interest in music came from.?

Mr. Dobbs

A n A r t i st Cannot Fai l Written by Gina Hayek The ar t depar tment at CHS offer s 16 diver se classes. Most of these classes are taught by Mr s. Tanya Riehle. Mr s. Riehle constantly has different students flowing through her room and adds ?I see anywhere from 200- 300 students ever y year.? Mr s. Riehle believes ar t is good for students. ?Ar t affects students because it?s not necessar ily about skill, but about being able to obser ve the world around you and being creative, looking at things differently,?she commented. Freshman Jaydan Teslow is in his fir st year of ar t classes. Teslow says he?s lear ned different ar t techniques: ?I lear ned how to shade with just 2 different colored pencils.?Although this is Teslow?s fir st year in the ar t progr am, he has already made a splash with his pieces shar ing, ?My favor ite piece is the par rot because of the way the colored pencils blended together.? Teslow encour ages other students to take ar t classes, because ?ar t is really fun, and Mr s. Riehle is a ver y nice teacher. ? Young A r t i sts Comi ng Together

Freshman Jaydan Teslow and his favor ite ar t piece.

Written by Kayla Birdd

The Scholastic Ar t competition is a national competition opened to 9- 12 gr ade students that star ts at the state level. Each year ar t teacher Mr s.Tanya Riehle enter s students' ar t work. The ar t she enter s has always received gold keys, silver keys, or honor able mentions. Two year s ago when they entered, the students were awarded nine medals from the over 15,000 pieces entered in just Iowa alone. Mr s. Riehle normally chooses students who have created and designed their own piece of ar t. Mr s. Riehle likes that it opens up the eyes to different things. If they are selected, they attend a ceremony to receive their medals. In 2017four sophomores entered in the Scholastic Ar t Competition. Sar ah Mashek and Jenna Pecinovsky received a Silver Key on pieces of their photogr aphy. Anna Ptacek also received a Silver Key for a mixed media watercolor, pen, and ink dr awing. Emily Reinhar t received Honor able Mention for her photogr aphy piece of a dandelion. Abbie Ber gan entered a piece of photogr aphy called "Color Pop.? She was awarded the Gold Key and Amer ican Vision Nominee. It was taken to a national level in New York. This year there were 29 pieces of ar t submitted in the Scholastic Ar t competition. Results were announced Fr iday Febr uar y 1st. The following students will receive awards on March 10th: Logan Alber t, Abbie Ber gan, Tr ista Foster, Nicole Hasleiet, Mikayla Lane, Noel Lloyd, Hannah Shelton, Rachel Steffen, and Konner Tuchek. Aaron Kvale, Spanish teacher at Crestwood High School, spends a lot of his free time directing and par ticipating in plays. Mr. Kvale star ted his hobby at age 9 and has par ticipated in 28 different productions in Decor ah and other locations. He says, ?Theater has affected my life in many different ways. I have met most of my fr iends through theater. I?ve also lear ned how to heal people.?His favor ite par t of acting is the chance to be somebody else and be in another world. Mr. Kvale says, ?I also really like making people laugh. Knowing that I made people?s day makes me feel ver y good. I also get to make people cr y, and that?s fun too.? Mr. Kvale?s favor ite par t of directing is telling the audience a stor y through char acter development. He says, ?I really like getting together with a big group of people and telling an effective stor y. Mr. Kvale encour ages people to tr y plays and speech: ?It?s a lot of fun, and you get to know people ver y well.? Written by Morgan Moser

Senior Abbie Ber gan's Scholastic ar t piece.

Mr. Kvale

A New Oppor tuni ty Written by Haylee Holten

Individual Speech, coached by Mr. Aaron Kvale and Mr s. Karen LeFebvre, is a winter activity at Crestwood High School. Mr s. LeFebvre is cur rently on her third year of coaching while Mr. Kvale is on his second year as a coach. Pr ior to coaching, Mr. Kvale judged at speech contests. There are many categor ies for one to choose from in Individual Speech. Senior Er ic Tr autsch fir st got involved in Lar ge Group Speech his freshman year of high school and really enjoyed it. He decided to tr y Individual Speech and has par ticipated ever since he joined in his freshman year of high school. His favor ite par t of Individual Speech is that he can choose his pr actice schedule. Tr autsch added, ?If you do well or don?t do well is really dependent on how much time you your self put into pr acticing.?

Courtesy Tr autsch?s favor ite categor y to perform in is Radio News Broadcasting, a four to five minute performance where par ticipants have to cover the daily news, make an ad for a business, and give a breaking news statement. Tr autsch enjoys this categor y because ?you don?t really get that oppor tunity ever yday.? Another speech par ticipant, Senior Noel Lloyd, lear ned about Individual Speech her freshman year of high school in speech class. Mr s. Day, retired speech coach, recommended it to Lloyd, and she joined the following year. Lloyd enjoys all the different categor ies available, playing different char acter s, and developing speaking skills. Lloyd par ticipates in After Dinner Speaking and Individual Musical Theatre. Individual Speech par ticipants have Distr ict competition Febr uar y 23rd in Decor ah, and State competition on March 9th at Waldorf College in Forest City.

Senior Er ic Tr autsch rehear ses for individual speech.

Tanya Riehle, ar t teacher at Crestwood High School, does a lot more than teach.Outside of school, she enjoys photogr aphy, dr awing, and painting. She got interested in photogr aphy from jour nalism class in high school. The only reason Mr s. Riehle joined jour nalism class was because they went on a ski tr ip each year. Mr s. Riehle's favor ite piece she has ever created ?was a unique piece of the oldest church west of the Mississippi,?which she donated to the Spr ing Ahead Lear ning Center gala. She created that piece around 7year s ago. Written by Kayla Birdd

Mr s. Riehle

Mr s. Karen LeFebvre has been the 7- 12 choir teacher at CHS since 2001 and has been involved in music since she was in elementar y school when she discovered her love for music. She commented, ?Music just does something to the soul. I also found out at a young age that I had a good voice and people would compliment me. That was ver y encour aging. I joined choir in junior high and have been singing in choir s ever since.? Outside of school, Mr s. LeFebvre is ver y active in the Cresco Community Theatre (CCT) and has performed in numerous productions. Not only has Mr s. LeFebvre been an actor with the CCT, but she has directed shows as well. ?I even met my husband dur ing my fir st show with CCT, and a few year s later was asked to mar r y him r ight on stage at the end of the show,? added Mr s. LeFebvre. In addition to teaching choir at CHS, Mr s. LeFebvre directs the annual fall musical and is a speech coach. Written by Hallie Frohn

Becomi ng a Fami l y Mr s. LeFebvre

Written by Haylee Holten

Mr s. Karen LeFebvre is the choir director at Crestwood High School. In Choir, Mr s. LeFebvre hopes the students remember all the good times they had dur ing choir and the family they became. With seventy- seven member s in choir, Crestwood High School has three choir s: Concer t Choir, Treble Choir, and Concer t Chor ale. Concer t Choir is made up of the freshman and new member s of choir. To become a member of Treble Choir or Concer t Chor ale, there is an audition, and, after the audition, member s are placed into a new choir based on the balance of each section. Mr s. LeFebvre plans for each concer t by picking the music. She picks the song based on the theme of the concer t, per sonality of the choir, and the song. Another key factor in picking the song is listening to the message of the song.

Cassie Hosek, senior member of Concer t Chor ale, has been in choir since seventh gr ade. She also has par ticipated in Honor Choir. Hosek enjoys being in choir with her fr iends: ?I enjoying singing and singing with my peer s.? Hosek added the most challenging par t is prepar ing for concer ts and contest, but she continues to be involved because she enjoys the challenge. Crestwood High School has four concer ts each year. All high school choir member s give a concer t at the end of Febr uar y and a pre- contest concer t as well as at choir contest. Senior Cassie Hosek rehear ses a song with vocal director Mr s. Karen LeFebvre.

Where Words Fai l , M usi c Speak s Written by Gina Hayek

Vocal Solo Ensemble, an event CHShas been involved in for a long time, includes choir students. According to Mr s. Karen LeFebvre, Crestwood High School?s vocal instr uctor, Vocal Solo Ensemble is ?an impor tant par t of the oppor tunities for vocal students.? The

entire event is sponsored by the Iowa High School Music Association.This all- day event typically takes place on a Saturday with one judge per room. The judge has a procedure that is followed amidst each performance. ?Dur ing the performance the judge follows along in the music in order to make sure the student is singing the piece cor rectly,? stated Mr s. LeFebvre. Additionally, dur ing the performance, the judge fills out a ballot. Solos and Ensembles are scored differently. Solo ballots contain 7 different categor ies: tone quality, intonation, rhythm, technique, musicianship, diction, and other performance factor s. Ensemble Ballots, however, contain 8 different categor ies: blend, tone quality, intonation, rhythm, technique, musicianship, diction, and other performance factor s. After the ballot scores are calculated on a scale, students are given a r ating. The r ating is then posted in a centr al location. Ratings consist of a 1, 2, or 3. The ultimate goal is to receive the highest r ating, a 1.

Junior David Meinecke pr actices his solo.

Junior David Meinecke has been involved in Vocal Solo Ensemble for 3 year s. Meinecke has decided to par ticipate in 2 categor ies this year : ?I did a solo my freshmen and sophomore year. This year, I'm doing a duet with Jayden Ruroden and a solo.? Meinecke has enjoyed the work ethic this event has provided. ?If you want to get good r atings, then you have to put in the time and work of it,?he said. Meinecke encour ages other students to get involved saying ?I believe this event helps students push themselves to do good in and outside if the classroom.? Passi on and Product i v i ty Written by Hallie Frohn

This year, 40 students are involved in Lar ge Group Speech advised by Mr. Aaron Kvale and Mr s. Karen LeFebvre. ?This year we have 3 musical theatre groups, 6 improv groups, a Reader ?s Theatre, a Chor al Reading, a Shor t Film, and a One- Act Play,? stated Mr s. LeFebvre.

Lar ge Group is a competition composed of 11different categor ies. Competitions are sanctioned by the Iowa High School Speech Association (IHSSA). High schools from across Iowa can compete in one to three competitions, depending on how the group performs and scores. Competitions are judged uniquely based on each categor y. ?Groups are evaluated by a single judge at Distr ict Contest and by three judges at State Contest. Each judge assigns a r ating,? stated Mr. Aaron Kvale, a Spanish teacher who began advising Speech last year. Mr. Kvale coaches along with Mr s. Karen LeFebvre. Mr. Kvale wanted to get students interested in different categor ies within speech and also grow interest number s in gener al. Mr.Kvale commented. ?This year, we've expanded into One Act Play and Chor al Reading. Both our var sity and 9th- gr ade teams are lar ger this year than they were last year, and more students are par ticipating in 2 categor ies r ather than just one.? Students may par ticipate in up to two events per season. Both Mr s. LeFebvre and Mr. Kvale work towards improving speech students?confidence with public audiences and teach impor tant communication skills. ? This activity has the potential to equip students with skills and per spectives that they might not find in a classroom,?commented Mr. Kvale. Lar ge Group member s par ticipated in Distr icts on Januar y 23rd at Postville. Division I r atings for Group Improvisation: Team Meinecke, Team Lloyd, Team Car ter, Team Ishman. Division II r atings for Group Improvisation: Team Kuner t and Team Balk. Division I r atings for Reader ?s Theatre: ?Bob?s Date?. Division II r atings for One- Act Play: Tracks . Division II r ating for Shor t Film: Time Lost but Not in Vain . Not yet scored: Musical Theatre: Shrek, Chor al Reading: Barbie. Groups who received a Division I r ating at Distr icts will move onto State on Febr uar y 2nd at Waterloo West High School. Crestwood's lar ge group speech team.

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