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Spring Snow Brings Childhood Delight

Snow Days in Early Spring

from any major city. My dad did construction work in the area, and soon after the storm hit, he got a call from city officials asking for his help. “If you can somehow get to your truck,” they told him, “we’ll pay you a lot of money to help with snow removal.” Dad’s truck was about 20 miles away, but he’d just purchased a snowmobile. When he got that phone call, he hopped on his snowmobile and traveled 20 miles to his parent’s house where his truck was being stored. I remember all of us feeling scared for him because we didn’t know if he would make it. grandparents before he left and cleaned off the surrounding streets. The next day, he showed up at home with his front-end loader; he’d dug out the gravel truck. For the next five days, Dad hauled snow 20 hours straight each day, working from early in the morning to late at night. I’d never seen that much snow in one place, and it set a new benchmark for me. Moving forward, when people said “It’s going to snow!” I was skeptical. That spring snowstorm in Canada forever raised the bar. Fortunately, our prayers were answered, and Dad arrived safely at our grandparents’ house where his truck was covered in snow. He cleared the way for our

The storm immobilized everything in our little town. The severe wind blowing through southern Alberta created snow drifts that were 10-feet high. Our dream had come true: School was shut down for three days, and even the snowplow couldn’t clear the snow away. We lived in a little community called Raymond, which was about 20 miles

Thinking about this time of year when I was a kid, I’m reminded of the snow we experienced in Canada in early spring. In March, it was common to get a good dusting in Alberta. As a kid, my biggest wish was to have a snow day. I would dream of the day that would be mine if only it snowed enough for me to miss school. Of course, being in Canada, we were well-equipped to handle winter weather, so it took a lot of snow for the schools to declare a snow day. One March when I was 10, the weatherman issued a major storm warning for southern Alberta. Major storm warnings were somewhat common, so we didn’t think too much of it and expected to wake up to some snow and go to school as usual. The next day, we woke up to four feet of snow. You can imagine our childhood delight as we watched the snow come down from the sky and tower over our heads! We were in heaven. It continued to snow through that day and night, and we woke up the next day to an additional 2 1/2 feet. My brother and I grabbed a ladder, climbed up on our roof, and jumped down into the snow drifts below. At one point, we pulled out our sleds and rode off the roof. We dug tunnels through the snow and created a city in our new blue- white world.

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