EVO Top Ten Business Networking Tips

EVO Top Ten Networking Tips

I’ve been running business networking events since 2008, for 25 to 5000+. I have noticed patterns of success and, from those, have ten ‘top tips’ which will certainly help networkers to prosper and become successful. These are certainly not rules, but I truly want to make each of our EVO groups a success for members and guests. Jamie Breese, EVO Founder.

Here we go, not in any particular order:

1. It’s a good idea to switch mobile phones to silent and to refrain from ‘scrolling’ through messages whilst in a networking meeting, especially during one-to-ones and member intro rounds. 2. There is a huge correlation between members who attend regularly and the business they do. Very few successful businesspeople will refer precious contacts to anybody without having met them at least 3 or 4 times. It’s a good idea to add the dates to diaries when they are published and try to keep them ringfenced as a ‘client meeting’. 3. Consider becoming more involved in a Group . Oftentimes there are additional roles within an EVO group such as Guest Hosts. In this case, a friendly welcome makes all the difference to the success of a group and helps it to grow. EVO prides itself on a friendly atmosphere. 4. Be pro-active in making an introduction or referral to a fellow Member. EVO does not insist on this and rarely, if ever has asked for people to make them. Occasionally a Member kindly thanks us without us asking for numbers or tracking progress. It’s a differentiator for EVO and many like the relaxed approach. 5. Follow-up the same day . This is perhaps the best advice we can offer along with regular attendance. If you meet somebody, do remember to connect shortly afterwards via email, a call and LinkedIn. People buy from people and once you’ve met, you have a better chance to gaining a response. 6. Support your group . A trend I have noticed in more recent times is when a member posts a nice photo, selfie or video straight after a meeting. They thank and tag the businesspeople they’ve met and they become a rallying point for post-event catching- up, as well as engaging would-be guests and future members. 7. Finding a balance in a 1-1 meeting . Do make use of the meeting’s space post event. I often see the most active members having 1-1 meetings following on from a breakfast. All our venues have spaces adjacent to the main meeting room where you can have another coffee and have more in-depth discussions. 8. EVO Omega Leader Jane Evans suggests this “ Be open in heart and mind . Take a breath before you walk in, have a spot, top of the stairs or as you get out of the lift, to pause, breathe, smile to yourself and off you go. You will be more grounded and your warm energy is what people will connect with and who knows what that'll lead to.” 9. EVO Delta Leader, Ben Mason, says “ Give a little info about yourself . No one wants the robot elevator pitch. Let people in a little - it helps accelerate the know, like and trust” 10. EVO Olympus Leader John McCarthy offers “ IN, You, Me, Out . IN: meet someone and say hello. YOU: ask about THEM and let them speak without interrupting, listen attentively for how you may be able to help them or make introductions / referrals. ME: talk about what you do. OUT: say thank you, say goodbye.”

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