Australian Research Council Corporate Plan 2021–22

Assessing the Quality, Engagement and Impact of Research

Program 1.3 – Excellence in Research for Australia

Policy and Strategy

Program Implementation and Management


Relationships, Networks and Engagement

Evaluation and Analysis

The ARC will:

The ARC will:

The ARC will:

The ARC will:

The ARC will:

• monitor and contribute to international developments in research activity and research evaluation • provide strategic policy advice on research quality, engagement and impact • use ERA program data to inform Australian Government policies.

• implement the outcomes of the review of ERA and EI to ensure they are streamlined, remain at the forefront of research assessment and maintain ongoing stakeholder support • deliver ERA and EI programs that are rigorous, minimise reporting burden and meet Australian Government objectives.

• support a robust peer review system • maintain robust ARC governance frameworks to ensure legislative and financial compliance • regularly review and report on ARC risks.

• engage with stakeholders on ERA and EI processes and outcomes • promote the understanding of and use of ERA and EI data to benefit university, industry, community and government stakeholders • foster engagement and impact within and beyond the research sector • promote the benefits and value of Australian university research.

• monitor and evaluate

program delivery outcomes

• use data on university research activity, quality, and university research

engagement and impact to inform policy advice to the Australian Government

• maintain the public

availability of a wide range of Australian university research data via the ARC data portal.



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