Unlimited MINIMALISTIC roller systems


ZOOMTECH the ideal new solution (not only) for very wide blinds.

The ZOOMTECH ® technology

is a patented technology compensating for the deflecti- on of the tube caused by gravity. The advantage is that wide and even light fabrics can be placed on a small tube with a minimum or no visual V-effect as there is no deflection of the tube. Due to the minimalistic design, the requirements for anchoring and control are minimal.

The challenge for architects is

to minimalize the dimensions of the system in front of the glass in order to get the maximum of light inside giving the feeling of a smooth transition between the inside and the outside.

stiff hanging behaviour of a decorative blind fabric without any V-shape. Due to the gravity, the winding tube of a wide blind is always ben- ding… and nobody wants a big tube diameter to reduce the bending and even then… ben- ding never disappeared… till we discovered… the ZOOMTECH ® concept..

Advantages are Minimalistic design No need to use only heavy technical fabrics for wide blinds Smooth control, not only motorized but also manually Minimal space requirements enabling combination with a second blind, Curtain or a roman blind in front of or behind it. All blinds from small to extremely wide do all have exactly the same Bracket and tube dimensions


ZOOMTECH ® Academy

ZOOMTECH ® is a revolutionary concept ba- sed on a genious idea combining the laws and techniques of different scientific disciplines. The backbone of this worldwide patented technology is a highly complex set of algori- thms out of the world of building physics and mechanics, where statics meets dynamics. While extending the fields of applications and shifting the limits of what is assumed to be possible today, we are challenging new oppor- tunities within our ZOOMTECH ® Academy and discovering new physical laws. It´s really exciting.

Our ZOOMTECH ® Academic team, formed by 4 university scientists and engineers, is finishing the development of a highly scientific algorithmical generator enabling us to support production companies online in their proces of making roller system with the ZOOMTECH ® gravity compensation technology inside in so easy and simple way, and with a minimum of investments.


ROLLER BLINDS The ZOOMTECH ® technology is removing the bending of the tube. Depending on the type of fabric, the system is being used from width of 2,2 up to 5m and even more. SCREENS Outside screens with ZIP-system or without. Widths over 3,2m up to 7m on a tube of 6 up to 8cm, with or without box. The advantage of this sys- tem is that all screens, small and wider can be integrated into an uniform box of 10cm. For pergola´s, one minimalistic blind can be integrated or mounted and this for the whole width of the pergola. ROLLER GATES Roller gates, with fabric or slats used for compartimentation, repelling wind, dust or insects can be made up to maximal dimensions on an utmost minimalistic structure. Even gates of a width of 15m on a tube of 15cm are now possible PROJECTION SCREENS A straight hanging fabric makes the difference for a perfect projection. Zero bending of the tube by ZOOMTECH ® inside.

How to integrate ZOOMTECH ® into your products?

The ZOOMTECH ® system is being adapted to be integrated into existing systems. The core of the system is a specially formed reinforcement profile that is being fit with spe- cial ZOOMTECH ® adapters into existing roller winding tubes. The shape of the reinforcement profile and the components used are different for every product, depending on the dimensions and the used components. With our ZOOM Optimizer online and by using the ZOOMBOX in your production, the configuration and production is made very easy and takes a couple of minutes. This makes it possible to produce roller systems all over the world, just in time.

For special applications or for smaller quanti- ties, it is also possible to get within some days from us a preconfigured set of the ZOOM- TECH ® parts. The integration of ZOOMTECH ® into an new tube does require, at the start, the develop- ment of new adapters and eventually custom made parts to fit to your existing system.

ZOOMTECH ® FABRICATORS A network of ZOOMTECH ® licensed fabricators is being deployed all over the world. If you have a broad experience and the state of the art machinery for assembling big size roller blinds, screens or gates, you may become a ZOOMTECH ® fabricator. Products with ZOOMTECH ® inside are usually quite large, so it´s our vision to get it produced locally and minimalize the issue of transport. We are actively supporting our fabricators by de- velopping together, protecting their efforts and interests and by helping to extend the market. The concept is getting known widely and there is a booming implicit demand for the best and only solution for bending tubes. Being a ZOOMTECH ® fabricator, you have the solution for your customer. Interested in becoming a ZOOMTECH ® fabricator, don´t hesitate to contact us.

ZOOMTECH ® distributor & sales agents

ZOOMTECH ® products are unique and a perfect solution for your customers. You may become a licensed sales partner, offering specific ZOOMTECH ® products to your customers. Depending on the product and the location, you may rely on our fabricator network for the best fit product. Interested in becoming a ZOOMTECH ® distributor or sales agent, don´t hesitate to contact us.


ALU TUBE 100 mm



The ZOOMTECH ® technology is a gravity compensation system integrated into the tube of a winding system. Under normal circumstances on earth, gravity forces are causing deflection of the winding tube.

By eliminating this deflection, the V-effect of the fabric is being eliminated, resulting in a perfect hanging and winding behaviour. The pictures are a proof of concept for a blind of 4 m wide and 2,7 m height with a screen fabric 3% and 300 g/m 2 . The technology is being almost worldwide patented.


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