How to integrate ZOOMTECH ® into your products?

The ZOOMTECH ® system is being adapted to be integrated into existing systems. The core of the system is a specially formed reinforcement profile that is being fit with spe- cial ZOOMTECH ® adapters into existing roller winding tubes. The shape of the reinforcement profile and the components used are different for every product, depending on the dimensions and the used components. With our ZOOM Optimizer online and by using the ZOOMBOX in your production, the configuration and production is made very easy and takes a couple of minutes. This makes it possible to produce roller systems all over the world, just in time.

For special applications or for smaller quanti- ties, it is also possible to get within some days from us a preconfigured set of the ZOOM- TECH ® parts. The integration of ZOOMTECH ® into an new tube does require, at the start, the develop- ment of new adapters and eventually custom made parts to fit to your existing system.

ZOOMTECH ® PRODUCERS A network of ZOOMTECH ® licensed producers is being deployed all over the world. If you have a broad experience and the state of the art machinery for assembling big size roller blinds, screens or gates, you may become a ZOOMTECH ® producer. Products with ZOOMTECH ® inside are usually quite large, so it´s our vision to get it produced locally and minimalize the issue of transport. We are actively supporting our producers by de- velopping together, protecting their efforts and interests and by helping to extend the market. The concept is getting known widely and there is a booming implicit demand for the best and only solution for bending tubes. Being a ZOOMTECH ® producer, you have the solution for your customer. Interested in becoming a ZOOMTECH ® producer, don´t hesitate to contact us.

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