Van Dyck Law - Quarter 4 2019



QUARTER 4 2019

OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND Doesn’t Stop the Mess From Growing

While some people might think of March or January as the ideal months to organize their home or workspace, for me it’s always been September. It was how I would kick off the school year, so I was refreshed and ready to start my classes. When my kids were in school, they were the same way. Even though I haven’t been a student for a while and my kids are in college, that desire to put things in order still came to me last month, and I took advantage of it to finally clean out my office.

true everywhere except my office. That was the front lines of my battle against disorganization. I think my excuse will probably sound familiar to a lot of you: I was afraid that if I threw those things away, I may need them later and not have them. Almost none of the mess was made of materials related to clients; it was just unfinished projects, outdated books, and junk I thought would be useful. Did I honestly need the manual for my toaster? I knew how to use a toaster, so probably not, but I had held onto it anyway. Was I ever going to read all the books I have on my shelf? Many of them were outdated because the areas of law that they focus on had been changed since their publication, so those could go as well. Why did I load my desk drawers up with no less than 14 little, branded tissue packets, a dozen little bottles of hand sanitizer with different company logos on them and other junk? They seemed so useful when I picked them up at those business conference booths, but their long stay in my desk indicated otherwise. Into the trash they went. Armed with a shredder, a trash bag, and a stack of manila folders, I completely Marie Kondo-ed my office. The mess didn’t seem like too much when I started, but as I began to remove the papers from my desk, take books off my shelves, and really sift through every nook and cranny in my office, I was faced with a vast amount of excess stuff. Once I pushed what was previously out of sight and out of mind

into the light, I finally saw the vastness of the task before me. While it was daunting, I was finally able to get through all my junk, and it left me with an amazing sense of freedom and renewal. While putting things out of sight and out of mind in an office is one thing, putting your end-of-life plans out of mind is another. Don’t put yourself through the stress of scrambling to take care of your legal affairs, or those of a loved one, at the last minute. If you have questions or concerns about end-of-life plans you’ve been putting off, don’t wait any longer. Come into our office today so we can help you plan for life ahead, and experience the freedom that comes with knowing you’re prepared for whatever messes life throws at you.

“Once I pushed what was previously out of sight and out of mind into the light, I finally saw the vastness of the task before me.”

At Van Dyck Law, most of the firm is very organized — at least, the parts that our clients can see. At first glance, my office didn’t even seem too cluttered. But, if you started looking in drawers or the dark corners of the closet, then you would learn the truth — it had been a while since I had thrown anything away. In my personal life, I am an unapologetic purger when it comes to throwing away papers. My husband will joke that if a paper of any sort has been left on a table or countertop at our house for more than 10 minutes, I will throw it away regardless of what it is. I wish I could say this is an exaggeration, but it was absolutely

-Fiona Van Dyck



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